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Correct And Safe Way To Squeezing Pimples

Correct And Safe Way To Squeezing Pimples

When there is a pimple on the face, sometimes some people can not resist the temptation to squeeze. Moreover, if the acne is prominent and white ends, of course, make your hands toward acne are then forced to squeeze. Squeeze pimples is actually one should not do, but it must be done in a safe manner. If not done in a safe manner, then it will lead to infection and scarring that interferes with your appearance.
 Dr. Debra Jaliman
Dermatologist, Debra Jaliman - MD from New York, said that you should not squeeze pimples at home, but it must be done the right way and safely. Then how to squeeze acne properly and safely? She also gives suggestions for you :

1. Using alcohol before squeezing pimples
Be sure to clean your hands with alcohol beforehand. Rub your hands to alcohol when it will move from acne that one to the other. Put alcohol into the hands is very important that your hands sterile and does not cause acne on other parts of the face. In addition, the acne will also have to be squeezed a bit of alcohol so as not to leave a scar on the face.

2. Using a comedone extractor
Dr. Jaliman recommend you to use a comedone extractor if there is such white spots on the acne. Comedone extractor is a stainless steel tool that has a hole that fits around the blackhead or whitehead is extracted by using pressure. This tool you can get at the drug store or beauty shop.

3. Applying antibacterial products
Once you squeeze pimples, use antibacterial products, such as neosporin, tea leaf oil, bacitracin, and others. In addition, you can also use a salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Although it is okay to squeeze pimples on your own, but do not become a regular habit. Dr. Jaliman said, "There will be a scar if you push it too deep and hyperpigmentation." When you do not squeeze pimples the right way and safely, it will cause inflammation of the face. In addition, immediately consult a dermatologist if the acne grows. - Correct And Safe Way To Squeezing Pimples

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