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Top 14 Rare Natural Phenomenons

Top 14 Rare Natural Phenomenons

1. Moonbows
Rainbow occurs because the sun shines on droplets of dew, usually occurs in the atmosphere after the rain. The Moonbow is more rare to be occured because it can only be seen at night when the moon was at a low point at the time of the full moon almost full. One popular place to look is at the waterfall Moonbow Cumberland in the U.S. kentucky.

2. Mirages
Mirage appear when refracted light and produce an image of an object or the sky when it actually does not exist. This phenomenon usually occurs on hot surfaces, such as asphalt roads or desert sand.

3. Belt of Venus
The Belt of Venus is a phenomenon that appears at the time when a bunch of dusty twilight sky appear reddish and brownish between the sky and the horizon.

4. Noctilucent Cloud
Noctilucent clouds are very high clouds in the atmosphere that refract light at dusk when the sun had sunk, illuminating the sky with invisible light source.

5. Aurora Borealis
In the southern hemisphere is also known as the Aurora Australis, Aurora Borealis is electrically charged particles from the sun that has reached the top of the earth's atmosphere and become very active. Aurora is usually often seen in areas near the poles and at the time when day and night equal in length.

6. Mammatus Clouds
This strange cloud shape is often associated with storms, and can not fully understand how these clouds are formed.

7. Fire Whirls
Fire whirls are tornado spinning caused by too close to a forest fire or a vortex is formed because there is too much heat in the area.

8. Pyrocumulus Clouds
Pyrocumulus cloud is another phenomenon associated with the heat that is formed due to the widespread and intense heat from an area that forms comulus clouds. Volcanoes, forest fires, and nuclear explosion (in the form of clouds mushrom) is the main cause of Pyrocumulus clouds.

9. Sun Pillars
Sun pillars arise when the sinking sun reflecting high ice clouds at different layers. This results in a towering pillar of light up into the sky. it is possible also to see moon pillars.

10. Virga
Virga is a phenomenon that occurs when ice crystals in clouds fall , but evaporate before it hits the ground . Virga appear as traces of clouds that reach the soil surface , sometimes forming clouds like jellyfish.

11. Katabatic Winds
It is the wind that carries dense air from a higher to a lower place because of gravity . Katabatic winds known locally as santa ana ( southern california ) , mistral ( Mediterranean) , Bora ( adriatic sea ) Oroshi ( Japan ) , Pitaraq ( Greenland ) , and wailliwaw ( tierra del fuego ) . Williwaw and wind that moves over Antarctica is usually dangerous , blowing at a speed of 100 knots.

12. Fire Rainbow
Fire rainbow is an extremely rare phenomenon that occurs only when the sun is high which makes the light passing through the high cirrus clouds containing ice crystals .

13. Green Ray
Also known as the Green Flash . This phenomenon appears very briefly before the sun completely submerged and after sunrise . This phenomenon appears as a flash / green light above the sun is going very fast , usually only a few moments . This occurs because the refraction of light in the atmosphere.

14. Lightning Ball
This is a very rare phenomenon involving thunder / lightning-shaped ball that moves slower than normal lightning. It has been reported of ball lightning by 8 feet and can cause severe damage. There are reports that the ball lightning destroying whole building. -Top 14 Rare Natural Phenomenons

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