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The Earth's Most Spectacular Caves

The World's Most Spectacular Caves - Cave is a natural hallway formation (it could be manmade cave) underground that can be passed by humans. In this article i mean the natural cave formations.

From the millions of caves located in the world, there are several of them that have the beauty of natural formation that is extraordinary. Among the many spectacular caves, some of which are named the world's most spectacular natural cave. Want to know the World's Most Spectacular Cave is? Check out the following :

1. Cave of the Ghost (Venezuela)

"Cueva del Fantasma", the Spanish name of "Ghost Cave". Have high, wide and spacious 2 helicopters so was able to enter the cave and landed beside the waterfall. Under the waterfall is also a natural pond. if there is a waterfall and pond in the cave is very large then you can imagine how big the cave itself. When found, some researchers also found that some types of rare frog Colostethus species in the cave .

2. Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves (Austria)

We know that out there are many ice caves, but Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave in Austria is probably the biggest. Located in Tennengebirge Mountains near Salzburg and stretching along 40 kilometers. In the cave you will encounter along the ceiling that is beautiful and fantastic, no wonder if this cave earned the nickname Mother Nature's handicraft.

3. Waitomo Glowworm Cave (New Zealand)

Waitomo Glowworm Caves located on the north island of New Zealand and the famous glowworm populations ( flickering caterpillar), Arachnocampa luminosa. This worm is capable of producing a commodity trading New Zealand namely silk. Look at how beautiful this dark cave decorated by lighting of the caterpillars.

4. Majlis al Jinn Cave (Oman)

Majlis al Jinn is the second largest cave in the world. Selma is located in the highlands at an altitude of 1600 meters from the Sultanate of Oman. The cave was discovered in 1983 by Don Davidson, a geologist who came to Oman. Davidson has died 10 years later while doing the climb in the Andes Mountains. To enter the cave we have to use a rope. This cave has a depth of 120 to 150 meters.

5. Cave of Crystals (Mexico)

The World's Most spectacular Cave of of the last in this article is the Cave of Crystal. Found deep inside a mine in southern Chihuahua Mexico, these crystals were formed in a cave completely covered coral stone. A full geodesy amazing crystal tall pine trees, and in some places around it that there are gold and silver colored with a variety of extraordinary appearance and shape. - The World's Most Spectacular Caves

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