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Ways to Perform Telepathy

Telepathy comes from Tele meaning distant and Pathos which means feeling, so can be interpreted literally feel things at a distance.
Telepathy symptoms in daily life we often experience as there are some groups of people where one perform urinate then some other people feel the urge to urinate too.
Telepathy will be readily perceived by those who sleep due hypnotized or people who deliberately concentrating his/her mind to accept by emptying the mind in addition to receiving telepathy.

However, that every human being will be able to receive telepathy, because the human body and spirit which consists in spiritual or psychological relationship has been established between people particularly like the inner relationship his parents, siblings between siblings, girlfriend and others.

Telepathy is a value-free science means when used by good people the result will be good , and when used by the bad people then the result will be bad. Telepathy will be messed up or did not work when we thought our own dirty due to errors such as drinking alcohol since alcohol impairs the mind.
In learning telepathy we are not concerned about the distance because telepathy knows no distance because using mental telepathy or mind.

The easiest way to learn how to concenterate is the simple things like :

1. Counting odd numbers starting from 1,3,5 to 99
2. Calculating an even number ranging from 2,4,6 to 100
3. 99,97.95 odd numbers count down to 1
4. Counting down even number 100.98.96. up to 0
5. Memorization letter a - z calculated forward and backward
6. If the way you've done it often can be followed by a round picture on the paper point by 5 mm on the white paper dots of different colors such as yellow, red, green, blue and others, put on the wall as high as your view Select one point and behold without blinking sharply after 2 minutes shaking your head, but outlook still at the point that you select.


Strong telepathic wave emission is determined from inner strength and this can be done by way of silent meditation or breathing / no motion. Stance in the labor movement or dhikr for Muslims.

In the science of telepathy meditation there are 2 types of meditation that have a role in improving the telepathic powers of hypnotism and magnetism as well. That meditations are:

1. Smooth meditation

Do enough to sit up the whole body loosened concentration focused on the subtle breath as if you do not breathe, and would be even better if the time where smooth breathing for Muslims accompanied by dhikr or the name of God in accordance with their respective religions.
Meditation serves to reinforce the very subtle mind and more importantly in the inner sensitizing receive subtle vibrations from the outside ourselves.

2. Hard meditation

Do this by breathing process is to inhale, hold your breath and exhale this is done by :

- Sitting meditation
- All objects are attached to the body loosened all
- Close your eyes focus concentration
- Direct contacts sue both hands with fingers sidelines during both of them press to cause vibration.
- Perform the triangle breath inhale, hold your breath in the abdomen instead of the chest, and breathing in the amount of time * seconds) that is similar.
- Do this hard meditation with time for 5 minutes or longer and it will be better if adjusted to your abilities.

By practicing telepathy as above, the inner sensitivity will be increased and we expect you to do with good purpose fill your mind with positive things, things that are enjoyable for the health of the body. Thus in the future you will always patient, healthy thinking, always act on the will of the Almighty God and you feel obedient with the Creator of Nature.

To prove the power of your mind, you can practice with people close to you, such as parents, siblings or friends by imagining his/her face, that way they will feel your call. Telepathy is like the phone but it does not require a cable and not limited by distance.
Thus this paper may be useful for beginners who are interested to understand and explore the posts about telepathy and is based also on the experience and adaptation of the book Mastering Practice and utilize telepathy, magical Communications Long Distance By Masruri, Publisher CV. Various Solo in Central Java.

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