Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Effective Ways to Eliminate The Unpleasant Smelly Feet

These light tips that may be useful for people who have a terrible feet stink. This is not true because it means insulting but there are people who do have a terrible smell of shoes. And many people are bothered by the smell of the shoes, sometimes we become not confident with the smell of the shoes when having to take it off in public. Because take it off in public as if certain circumstances we sometimes can not avoid it..

 1. Baking soda is an stink removal agent and certainly can be used to overcome the stink in your shoes. The trick, sprinkle baking soda into your shoes at night. Leave it for one night. The next morning, wipe the baking soda. Smelly stink in your shoes will be gone. In addition, you can also sprinkle baby powder into the shoe.

2. Let the shoe breathable. After use, remove your shoelaces and then remove the footwear. Put it in place that is open. The wind will bring fresh air into it and as well drying the sweat. Other than that, re-use shoe that has been fanned will make you feel more comfortable.

3. Avoid using the same shoes for two days in a row.

4. Use insoles in shoes. These insoles can be removed and reused. With so much easier to clean.

5. Wash your socks using products containing disinfectant. This could prevent smells in your socks and shoes. Also, make sure you wear clean socks every day.

6. Make sure wash and dry the feet before wearing shoes.

7. If the shoes are wet, place it in the open air space. If it rains, make sure your shoes are dried before you put it in the shoe shelf before wearing it again. If there is water in it, the shoes will soon be stinked in a period of less than one day.

8. Wear the antiperspirant on your feet. You can use a moisturizer before wearing shoes, so the feet will not sweat and thus prevent the unpleasant smell.

9. Do not forget to wear socks, this will help absorb sweat and prevent the growth of bacteria in the shoe.

10. Do not forget to also maintain your feet. If there are molds on it, immediately handle it. Thickening of the skin are also often resist the smell of the sweat even after a shower. In that case, gently rub your feet using pumice stone. This could help lift the thick skin on the feet.

hopefully Effective Ways to Eliminate The Unpleasant Smelly Feet can be useful for you who have bad unpleasant feet smell, follow these ways you will be protected from the unpleasant feet smell.

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