Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting Started with Your Monday Activity

Not a few people who welcoming Monday with feeling of lazy and unpleasant mood. After the weekend is usually filled with fun activities such as recreative, or a holiday break, had to come to an end.

If you have this condition, says 'I hate Monday' is familiar uttered. Through the day with a passion to activity so hard to do. To fix this, check out five tips that can be done to start your enjoyable working day.

1. Do productive things in the weekend
If you are accustomed to hibernation during weekends, from now on try to change that habit. Get used to doing productive things. Doing productive things doesn't mean that you can not relax. You can plan a weekend day to do a bit of light activity. For example, sports with your friends.
In addition to healthy and beneficial to health, so the time is not wasted. It can help reduce the sense of laziness. By applying this method, it is guaranteed you will be eager to face Monday and return to work with full spirit.

2. Make special meals
It is better if you use a day of the week by cooking a special meal for the family. Make it a healthy and nutritious food. You can also bring food to the office the next day. So you can indulge yourself with a delicious meal and nutritious foods, you also do not have to bother anymore to buy food in the office during lunch hour.

3. Reduce Work On Monday
If you have a lot of work to be done, do in part on Friday. So that on the next monday, you could be a little more relaxed and do not rush into work. Just try not to give too much burden on Monday. This is to avoid feeling of laziness.

4. Making Plans for the Future
Take a little time for planning your activities for the week ahead. Prioritize your more important tasks that must be resolved. Make sure you also schedule a time to indulge yourself. By looking at what will be faced at the beginning of this week can help you to be more excited.

5. Do not Complain
Not a few people have often complained of the fact that "Tomorrow is Monday." In fact, complaining will not change anything. To fix this, try to cheer yourself and the people that surround you. Think about the positive things that will likely happen in the office.

Source : http://tipsjitu.com/2012/07/mengawali-hari-senin-agar-menyenangkan/

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  1. wak buat artikel indo laa brp biji, mls kli ak mw ngartiin artikelmu -_- pengn ku baca, cuma mls ak ngartiin'a


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