Sunday, August 11, 2013

Worst Impacts for The Body Caused by AC (Air Conditioner)

AC or air conditioner for most people has become a necessity especially for people who living in the city. But behind its fresh air there are many bad effects to health and our bodies.

The following exposes how AC can Impact on Health and the Body:

1.  carpal tunnel syndrome.
This disease have symptoms of tingling and pain in the hands, especially the first three fingers (thumb, index, and middle finger). Symptoms may be more pronounced at night in the air-conditioned space. The symptoms are caused by swelling of the nerve that passes through the vessels in the wrist.

2. bell's palsy (one sided paralyze of the face).
In addition to minor disturbances as has been mentioned above, the use of air conditioning during sleep can cause several neurological disorders such as this Bell's palsy.

3. AC torticollis with cold temperatures can make stiff neck (torticollis). Patients with this disease feel stiff neck, can not look to one side, as well as pain when forced to move.

4. Frozen shoulder.
This disease usually occurs after waking up in the morning. Patients are not able to brush their teeth and comb their hair because the ankle of the shoulder feels sore when the arm lifted or moved.

5. The blast of the air from the air conditioner can result in the accumulation of carbon dioxide into the room. As a result, the head may develop headaches and body less excited.

6. Cause obesity.
Numerous studies confirm the allegation that the comfortable temperature being one of the top 10 causes of weight gain. The comfortable temperature will make us lazy to activity. The lack of activity of the body's fat burning negate the energy release. As the result, fat will accumulate and lead to obesity. Therefore, they who used to living in air-conditioned room has a regular schedule of exercise recommended to burn body fat.

7. Sick Building Syndrome.
Temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air-cooled can affect the immune system. Moving into a cold room in a state of sweaty after doing the activity below the sun light can cause headaches, fatigue, even the shortness of breath. Therefore, if you're sweating is suggested to not directly enter the air-conditioned room.

10. The aging of your Skin.
Air conditioning machine works by capturing air temperature lowers the water particles in the air to produce cold. This condition is not directly reduce humidity that triggers a dry skin problem.

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