Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ways to Accelerate Your Brain

Ways to Accelerate Your Brain - The body requires exercise in order to stay healthy, as well as the mind. In order to get faster thought process, there are several things you can do to train it.
Rapid thought processes can help improve people's ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. To achieve this, it takes a simple but effective brain training that increases the fitness of mind.
Here are 10 things you can do in order to not slow the brain and thought processes become faster, which by :

1. Perform art

Art is a source of exercise that helps improve the working parts of the brain that express itself non-verbally. Art makes people creative, using fine motor skills and analytical thinking.

2. Expand vocabulary

Reading the article, news or novel can help learn new words that had not previously heard familiar. This technique will help sharpen memory and increase vocabulary.

3. Use your nondominant hand

While doing basic tasks that require concentration, try using the non-dominant hand. This activity will require extra attention so as to make the brain more focus on completing simple tasks.

4. Do not use calculator

For the calculation of basic or daily should not use a calculator, but choose an old-fashioned methods such as counting the fingers or count them in the head. This is a very common way to keep the brain active.

5. Listen to your favorite song over and over

If you like a particular song, people will continue to hear it. This will help the brain to memorize the lyrics are unwittingly help the brain improve strength memorize.

6. Do multitasking

Simple basic activities that can be done together, although it can make people confused but this simple exercise can improve a person's ability to concentrate.

7. Learning a foreign language

Learn a new foreign language not only can enhance professional career and new knowledge, but also a source of exercise for the mind as to keep the brain busy.

8. Avoid GPS, but use the map

GPS makes a person more likely to reach the goal, but the technology is making people lose the power of thought analysis. For that try to use the map as a replacement, the map makes the use of imagination and analytical skills.

9. Playing video games

Not all video games bad, some games like solving sudoku puzzles require a lot of reasoning and thinking to help develop brain power.

10. Do not use a shopping list

Most people note a grocery list that they want to buy, but from now on try not to record it but remember it in the head. Initially it may be difficult and forget some things, but over time the mind will be more active and do not need to use the help of a grocery list again. - Ways to Accelerate Your Brain

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