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Ways to Exterminate Hair Fleas

Ways to Exterminate Hair Fleas - Very disturbing indeed if there are fleas in our hair, our head itching and even heat. Often times we scratch it and even can cause the scalp to be injured due to frequent on scratching. Then you have to know how to exterminate head fleas . Which is a shame when we are scratching your head in a public place. Fleas are blood-sucking animals and breed very quickly. Therefore we have to exterminate the fleas in order to get out of our hair. To get rid of it we have to know the powerful weapons to combat the fleas.

The following are the weapons to exterminate head fleas :

Red Onion

We know that the onion has a very pungent aroma, even if our eyes can be brought to tears. This method is commonly used by the old era people, including our parents. How to use it: Take 5-6 red onions and puree until completely smooth. Then apply on the base of the hair to the tips of your hair. Then massage your scalp-massage to be more pervasive and usefulness can be quickly felt. Lice will not be resistant to the onion aroma was overpowering. Indeed, our hair will be the smell of garlic, but calm with the scent of onions using shampoo on your hair can be lost.

coconut oil

If you are not able to use red onions, you can use coconut oil. Coconut oil will make hair lice become dehydrated, because the fleas will die of thirst. Exterminate the infestation with coconut oil should you do at night so as not to interfere with your activities and should be done for a second consecutive week. How to use it: apply coconut oil from the base to the tip of the hair. Then cover your head with a plastic shower cap, leave on for 5-6 minutes, then rinse your hair with shampoo.

white vinegar

Another alternative ways to exterminate head fleas is with white vinegar. White vinegar can disinfect your scalp from hair lice eggs remaining your on your scalp. The white vinegar has substances that can thwart hatching eggs head fleas. How to use it : quite a apply of the base to the tip of your hair, then let up to 2 hours. After that rinse your hair with water and shampoo. This way you should do at least 3 times to make sure no more eggs hatched in your hair.

Hair flea comb

Hair lice comb has a very close density , so head fleas can be captured even to their childrens. in Indonesia are still very many people use it because it proved to be lifted directly lice and their eggs. With this hair comb is not the way to eradicate once and for all, with a hair comb we must often use every day. If your hair is tangled, use a comb to hair it will make your head ache and can cause hair loss. To work around this, use coconut oil on your hair first so you do not make the hair tangles and smooth when you comb it.

Miraculous chalk

Using magic chalk is not a natural way, but this way, including ways quite powerful and very quickly exterminate head fleas. The workings of this magical chalk is to turn off the nerves of head lice, then slowly they will fall. It is not recommended to use this magic chalk often. If you need the magic chalk pretty much available in the market. Magic chalk is usually used to kill insects.

Cut your hair to bald

This is the easiest way you can do, but are you ready to shape bald? When ready please do it. With your head bald so the fleas do not have a shelter again. Besides scalp can become slippery, and the fleas can slipping and falling .. lol ..  just Kidding ...

Tips For Hair lice to not come again :

- Now the fleas are gone from your head. Now is the time to make sure the fleas do not return to your hair. Here are the steps:

- Do not sleep close to people who have fleas because fleas can jump.

- Check your family, whether anything has fleas, if there are those who have fleas, then you should be wary. Suggest to your family members to immediately take one of the ways exterminate lice in the hair.

- Never put your hat or scarf in the same place with the stuff that has fleas because fleas can jump easily if adjacent.

- Do the above exterminate fleas on a regular basis, a case of using coconut oil once a month. It is expected that if the start is no longer living fleas can be overcome before it give births and multiplies. - Ways to Exterminate Hair Fleas

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