Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Avoid Insomnia

insomnia or sleep problems can be defined as difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep time. irregular sleep schedules, frequent late nights, stress is often a major trigger this problem. lack of sleep not only causes the immune system become shrinks, but it will interfere with concentration, can lead to be fatal.

The following guide immediately shows how to avoid insomnia / sleeplessness :

 1. Stay away from bedtime light
light greatly affect the production of process from the melatonin hormone. Bright light can hinder the production systems, as well as the lack of light can drive its production system.
Tips: turn off the tv, computer, or other light source equipment one hour before bed time. cover  with a dark cloth around the light source equipment that can not be turned off.

2. Avoid to continue to look towards your watch
if you continually glanced at the clock time late at night, your sleep could be tormented. you always being so anxious to rest before bedtime when you were another busy day begins. if you are in among of such people, then you have to put the clock in the drawers, under the bed area, or rotate in the direction which is contrary to your visibility.

3. Use the bed only for sleeping area
Some experts said that the actual sleeping area can only be used for sleeping activity. let no activity such as balancing check books, talking on the telephone, or watching tv. all the things done in the bedroom just rest and relax.
Tips: set temperature to comfort your sleep, which is at 20-22 degrees Celsius.

4. Stay away from caffeine 9 hours before sleep time
Having a cup of coffee in the morning is good for some people. but at a time when going to sleep, you need to avoid the consumption of foods and beverages that contain caffeine. also reduce the time consuming chocolate, cola, tea or coffee without caffeine though.
Tips: pain killers and also weight loss pills also contain caffeine, then you also have to avoid it.

5. Set sleep schedule
arrange the schedule so that when you go to activity and wake up the same in each of and every day, also as of the weekend. This habit can make your body and your brain continues to in wake up mode. in time, you will fall asleep throughout the night.
Tips: get bright light during 5 to 30 minutes as soon as possible after you wake up. light are strongest regulators to wake you from sleep.

6. Regular exercise
Regular exercise has been proven to increase the quality of sleep, as long as you do not too close to bedtime. energy you get after exercise can make you keep awake. give the distance when you finish exercising with the 3-4 hours of bedtime.
Tips: easy sport or exercise like yoga, tai chi, and similar exercises can be done before bedtime.

7. Neutralize the sound
drip taps, dogs barking, the sound vehicles can eliminate most of the time when you sleep.
Tips: Resist the sound of a voice that is more orderly and calm, like a the tone of fan, ac, or other calming tones. you can also use ear plugs to handle it.

8. Do not smoke
Nicotine is also a stimulant, similar to caffeine. nicotine can make you more awake and can worsen insomnia.
Tips: to simplify your idea of ​​quitting smoking, you can sleep a little better if you smoke less than the usual portion and stop working during at least four hours before you go to bed.

9. Keep your pets from the sleeping areas
The movement of your pet can put you away from restful sleep. they also can bring fleas, dust, dander, and other allergens into your sleeping area.
Tips: ask your vet or the animal trainer, how to measure your pet continues to make and would like to sleep in its own place.

10. Relax your mind before bed time
Soothe the emotions as well as your thoughts about one hour before bed time. read an easy thing, listening to music, or a warm bath to calming your mind.
Tips: This ritual can also be done 10 minutes before sleep time when your bedtime is getting cramped.

11. Use pillow to ease the back pain
Light back pain probably wake you up from sleeping, but would be greatly disrupt your sleep. The easy solution is to put a small pillow between your legs when sleeping sideways, the point is to align the hips and reduce pain in the back.
Tips: When supine, place a small pillow under your knees to reduce back pain during nighttime.

12. Place the neck in a neutral position
when you wake up with a stiff neck, blame your pillow. sometimes you use a pillow that is too thick or too thin. Your pillow should be sized fitting to give support for your neck in a neutral position. to sleep sideways, your nose must be aligned with the center of your body. stay away from sleeping with tummy, because it can wrap your neck.

13. Clean the sleeping area regularly
allergies can cause sneezing, colds, and itching can cause your sleep interrupted, and the subject was probably because your bed is filled with dust, mites and all kinds of other allergens. Cleanse your sleeping area in a specific period of time regularly.

14. Immediately consult to a doctor
when the severity of your insomnia remains relatively low, then you can still handle it with some of these tips. throughout the month but if your insomnia is still not being recovered, have time to check yourself and know what is going on in your body. insomnia symptoms may be just something on a more serious disease. chronic insomnia need an evaluation from the specialized doctor.

15. Use sleeping pills as prescribed
you may be tempted to use sleeping pills when your sleepiness had not yet come in the evening, but be careful when using it. sleeping pills can make you addicted and have bothersome side effects. Ideally, the use of sleeping pills in a short period of time, should not become your lifestyle.

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