Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ways to Reduce Eye Minus With Zero Cost

Ways to Reduce Eye Minus With Zero Cost - Eyes are one of the most valuable parts of the body. With your eyes you can get to know lots of things and see the world. Because of that your eyes are very valuable and you need to provide the best possible care. Eye vision capabilities can decrease its performance with age and eyes too often forced to work as well as their livelihood as a, IT, designers, animators, etc. which too often staring at computer and television screens for too long can also degrade the performance of the eye causing the eye become opaque (minus).

For its performance decrease or minus, generally only have 2 options, that is wear glasses, contact lenses or LASIK surgery. With cost considerations, in general, people prefer to use a minus eye glasses or contact lenses.

Ways to Reduce Eye Minus With Zero Cost
This therapy has been known since a long time in Germany, by staring at the sun in the morning. How can it be?

1. Look for an open space at 6 am where you can see the sky directly.

2. Close your eyes tightly, then point your face to the sun that shining.

3. Do it for about 5-10 minutes every morning.

4. When finished, switch your face and slowly - land open your eyes. (Do not open your eyes and stare directly at the sun!)

You will feel your views into clear and bright. Do it regularly every day, and you'll undoubtedly eye minus reduced little by little, Happy trying ! - Ways to Reduce Eye Minus With Zero Cost

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