Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking

Effective Ways to Quit Smoking - When the urge to smoke arises, someone will do everything they can to avoid back to smoking. Every time someone managed to resist the desire, then he/she is one step closer to quitting smoking.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are 10 ways that can be practiced to fight the urge to smoke, which is:

1. Try to slow down or delay
If an urge to smoke is rising, try to confront yourself to put it off for another 10 minutes. Then do something to distract. This simple trick is powerful enough to get away from the cigarettes. Repeat as often as possible with the time addition.

2. Do not allow yourself to smoke even for one cigarette
One might be tempted to smoke one cigarette to stop the desire that arise. But do not fool yourself, because most people do not succeed in quitting to smoke the cigarette that failed to stop this habit.

3. Avoiding the triggers
Find out what kind of condition or situation that makes the urge to smoke arises, making it easier for him/her to avoid the condition. If the habit of smoking occurs when talking on the phone, then hold a pen and paper to scribble on as a subchange for cigarettes.

4. Do some physical activity
Physical activity can help distract and reduce the intensity of the impulse that appears. With physical activity for 30 minutes can be very helpful. Try get out the house to a walk, jogging, cleaning the house or using by walking the stairs while in office.

5. Do relaxation techniques
Overcoming the desire to quit smoking can make a person very stressful, because smoking is usually considered a good stress remedy. Therefore, try relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, yoga, hypnosis or massage to alleviate the stress that arise.

6. Ask for help from the people nearby
Ask for support from people around such as family, friends or join a support group, such as a walk together, sharing laughter or listening to people who have successfully quit smoking.

7. Remember the benefits if quitting smoking
Write down or say out loud the reasons and benefits when quitting smoking. This will make a person feel better, getting healthier, love yourself and also adding the money saving.

8. Join the group to stop smoking online
Join a group smoking cessation program or online, or read a blog post how to fight the urge to smoke again. Learn from the others who have the same problems would be more easily understood.

9. Try the smoking-replacement therapy
Try to find and use a cigarette replacement therapies such as plaster or other tools to overcome the urge to quit smoking. If the addiction is getting higher , it sometimes takes the help of medication.

10. Chewing something
Give something that can be chewed by mouth, such as chewing gum, candy or ask for other healthy snacks that can satisfy the mouth to chew or suck. - Effective Ways to Quit Smoking.

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