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Triops, The 350 Million Years Old Species

Triops, The 350 Million Years Old Species

They are shrimp-like animals that live in fresh water and the birth of small eggs, Triops sometimes referred to as tadpole shrimp or shield shrimp. They usually live in freshwater ponds or puddles and other places are quite high plains, it could be said that living fossil Triops is (species already hold about 200-350 million years ago).

Triops is divided into several types of species, but that will be discussed this time is kind of Triops Longicaudatus, because it is most easily maintained and the numbers are still many in the world. "Triops" is derived from the Greek word meaning "Three Eyes". They are classified as "crustacean" (animal water crustaceans). Although it looks like a trilobite, Triops is not part of the trilobites.

Growth phase of Triops Longicaudatus

Triops is hatched from eggs.

3 Hours later after hatching,
Triops torso began to take shape.
After 7 hours.
15 Hours later,
Triops began to show signs of maturity stages.
24 Hours after hatching,
The triops is already very close to the stage of maturity
After 48 hours,
Triops has reached a mature stage.
Body structure does not change anymore
only continues to expand and elongate.
Adult Triops.

The body structure of Triops Longicaudatus

Triops usual body color is green, gray, yellow, and brown. The most interesting part is, female triops can produce eggs without sexual favors from male Triops. Although Triops has three eyes but can not see long distances , Triops have an organ in the foot which serves as an antenna to detect prey . Triops women have egg sacs in the legs in order to eleven .
Triops consists of the carapace , which is located at the foot of the gills and tail are segmented . Average size of Triops Longicaudatus is 5cm , Triops have a tail with two branches .

The difference between the sexes of Triops Longicaudatus

The female triops body attach as brownish green color. While the male is almost entirely green color. the male is more elusive than the female Triops. Triops ratio of males born compared to Triops women are 1:100.

The reason why triops have a short lifespan

Because Triops live in temporary puddles in the wild, Triops hatch from eggs within 24 hours when there is rain makes puddles. After the eggs are wet, it will hatch and eat to grow as fast as possible and produce eggs before puddles evaporate completely and then it will die. Triops then evolved to adapt to the conditions in the wild, that's the reason why the life of the Triops can be fairly short.

Examples of its habitat

You could say this is an example where Triops live, commonly called the "Vernal Pool", vernal pool is a temporary pool that is formed when the rainy season / cold arrives. After that season pass water will begin to evaporate and dry pond.

Prior to evaporate the water in the pool will grow Triops eggs, and when the rains / cold came back, Triops eggs that have been planted will hatch again, this is Triops Life Cycle in the wild.

Why Triops were not extinct?

Well this is the uniqueness of Triops, Triops eggs have a very tough skin and thick which makes it able to withstand any conditions outside. The eggs can survive at temperatures below 0 degrees to 80 degrees. If the egg is not hatched, the eggs can last up to 20-30 years. Every day Triops female can produce 10-30 eggs. Because of this Triops populations can survive until today.

Interesting facts about Triops

1 . Triops 've been on this planet since the Devonian period , so about 350 million years ago .

2 . Native Americans eat Triops because they think it contains a lot of protein .

3 . Triops will dig sand / soil to eggs in place .

4 . Triops like to eat strange things like grass , worms , ladybugs , etc. . If Triops hungry and can not find food , they can eat other triops ( cannibalism )
The Video :

5 . Dry Triops eggs can not hatch , if not given water .

6 . In the UK Triops considered as endangered .

7 . Triops in Russia was first discovered in a puddle on a road rectification , Triops was mistaken for alien animals in Russia .

Triops actually turns can be kept

Do not think Triops can only be found in the wild , it turns itself can be pet . The picture above is an example of Triops egg products . it's easy , just the contents of the water in the aquarium and then enter the egg and stir then given sufficient light , within 18 hours for signs of life will begin .
The average sold in the market is Triops Longicaudatus, because this species including the most easy to care for.

Other Types of Triops

1. Triops cancriformis

This species is the biggest species that can reach 4.5 inches. The uniqueness of this species Triops is its longest lifespan, can be 50-100 days.

2. Triops Austrailensis
As the name implies, Triops can only be found in Australia, has a brownish body color. Its uniqueness is the tail of male Triops Austrailensis can be two times longer than in the female.

3. Triops Beni-Kabuto Ebi Albino
This kind of triops is very antique, can only be found in Japan. This Triops usually lives in Japanese paddy farmer, Triops Beni-Kabuto is considered very helpful because it helps to eat the pest that exist in the rice . The uniqueness of this Triops is a transparent body. The middle part of the tail can be seen just by looking at the head carapace, sometimes, between Triops beni-Kabuto will be born which is completely transparent like the picture below, the Triops will be given the nickname "The true albino". - Triops, The 350 Million Years Old Species

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Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

Esref Armagan was born blind, from a poor family, but it did not stop him intention to become a successful artist, of course with a unique style of painting.

Esref Armagan is a mature young person, from childhood he had received no education from the school bench, but somehow he managed to teach himself how to read and paint. For the last thirty-five years he has developed a unique painting techniques and continues to perfect his craft.
The Turkish artist really need a very calm atmosphere when he paints, so he could really inspire these paintings. At first, he only uses one color every two or three days, so that the paint can be dried first before he started painting again, but he later discovered acrylic paint, which can dry out much more quickly and makes him able to paint directly on the canvas .

Believe it or not, his painting style is very unique in the world of art, and he completed his painting without any assistance. He has painted portraits of the president of his country and the Turkish high officials other. Esref Armagan works have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, and he was publicly known feature in the popular TV channels such as BBC and ZDF.

Yes, this is Bill Clinton
After seeing his work, few people believed that the painting all done by himself, or doubt whether he really was born blind. The scientists who examined the eccentric artist of Turkish origin has been confirmed that he was completely blind. - Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

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Top 10 Internet Pioneers

Top 10 Internet Pioneers

Internet is not only designed by one person or one team at a time. More and more people are trying to peel back the frontiers of information technology, they are largely contributes to the understanding and development of what many use today in order to achieve objectives and exploit its advantages.

Internet has become a common and easy today, but there are times when the internet into something weaker, less influential and only a handful of people who can use it are very limited. The following people are visionary, inventor, researcher and programmer in the early days of the internet to dream big in pioneering technology, the program also behind all standard operating tool that we use the Internet today.

1. Claude Shannon
Known as the "father of modern information theory," Claude Shannon published an influential paper in 1948, "A Mathematical Theory of Communication," which formalize the study of communication channels. By establishing a limit on the efficiency of communication and present a challenge to find the code to improve the efficiency, Shannon developed the basic foundations that underlie the Internet.

2. Paul Baran
Seat researching survivable communication network at the RAND Corporation in 1959, Baran develop and describe a data architecture for packet-switched communication networks. Overview, detailed in a series of papers titled "On Distributed Communications," will prove to be a common basis behind the architecture of the Internet.

3. Bob Taylor
In the late 1960s, Bob Taylor convinced the U.S. Department of Defense to develop a communications network, which will eventually be ARPANet, the military precursor to the Internet. He wrote an influential paper, "The Computer as a Communication Device," (Computer as a Communication Device), the man said, the world will soon be able to communicate more efficiently through a computer than face to face. This paper describes how the Internet will be in the future

4. Douglas Englebart
A researcher at Stanford, Augmentation Research Center Englebart is the second node on ARPANet in October 1969. He developed the Network Information Center at Stanford, which later became the domain name registry, or database list of every website on the Internet. It is interesting to note that Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google's developers, also lectures at Stanford 30 years later. He also found the mouse.

5. Larry Roberts
Chief scientist at the Information Processing Techniques Office of ARPA in 1966, he led the development ARPANet. He also founded Telenet, the first packet-switched network provider and precursors for companies such as Comcast and Verizon. Telenet is now owned by Sprint and is part of the mobile data network.

6. Vint Cerf
A legend at the beginning of the internet community, Cerf was a program manager from 1976 to 1982 ARPA. With Bob Kahn he helped design the TCP / IP protocol that is used by the early ARPANet and the Internet today, and he founded the Community of the Internet Society and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a fundamental part of ICANN from and how the Internet is governed.

7. Paul Mockapetris
Together with Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris designed and developed the DNS, or domain name architecture. When you type a website address into the search box, you can thank Mockapetris and Postel because of have designed how to make action to find a website that you want.

8. David Clark
Internet grew rapidly between 1981 and 1989, and the decisions made then affect on the network that will be used. Clark was the main architect for the Internet protocol during his tenure as chairman of the Internet Activities Board, and he was a significant influence in the formation of rules governing the Internet.

9 . Steve Wolf
As Director of Network and Communication Division at the National Science Foundation ( NSF ) in 1986 , Steve Wolff manages NSFNet development , one of the precursors to the Internet . He conceptualize and lead the Gigabit Testbed , a joint project between the NSF and the Department of Defense designed to prove that the network can operate at gigabit speeds . Its success helped pave the way to transform the Internet from a narrowly focused communications network to the global Internet is vast like these days .

10 . Marc Andreesen and Eric Bina
It may seem like an odd addition to adding pioneer to make this list 11 , but it took two pioneers for developing Mosaic , the first Internet browser . They took all the achievements of earlier pioneers and translated into a graphical interface that is easy to use . This goes a long way toward changing the order of the Internet that was previously only used by highly educated scientists that can be used by people in general . These are just a few of the many pioneers that made ​​the Internet possible to evolve and be used as today . Any individual who develops a better way in the transmission of information , organize data flow velocity or increase contributed in some way to the development of the Internet as we know it . - Top 10 Internet Pioneers

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House.

Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House

The picture above is a draft of the future home. Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian architect, proposed a new breakthrough for the concept of a future dream home. The concept was named Leaf Lilies. This breakthrough conceived and designed by Vincent to face the problems of climate change and density. This concept is a prototype amphibious homes to support people's live, and each of the "leaves" can accommodate up to 50,000 people.
In the midst of this house, there is a lake that is useful for storing and purifying rainwater. This floating house does not need a road or path. This houseboat will drift to follow the movement of ocean currents.
This leaves design can load 3 marinas and 3 mountain town devoted as business and entertainment. This floating city is unique, because this city is a city of amphibians, half water and half the town land. The city gets the resources of sun, wind, and ocean currents, which will produce more energy than the energy consumed by the floating city. This city will be a zero emission or city can not issue a so-called exhaust gas, because all of the carbon and waste will be recycled.
The hope is that by 2100 there will be 250 million people who fled the weather changes, or so-called "climactic Refugee", because the sea water will destroy major cities like New York, Shanghai, and Bombai. Vincent believes, that this artificial concept is a long-term solution to deal with rising seas, and instead reinforce the shoreline, because the solution of this coastline is just a short term solution. The design of this floating city inspired by the leaves of Amazonia Victoria Regia. Just for the record, Amazonia Victoria Regia leaf is a plant that has leaves that are very dense bone. - Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House

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7 Myths And Facts About American Millionaires


7 Myth And Fact About American Millionaires

We all have each other's perceptions about them. For example, they are tax evaders who recently received inheritance money from their rich aunt, and they hang out on the golf course all day on high with the other elite friends. So, what it's really like on the average ? Here are seven myths, and the real facts about the people who seem to have everything :

1. Millionaires Do not Pay Their Taxes
Fact, estimated that , those in the top 1% of earners, pay about 40% of all taxes. Current tax regulation shifts may change these numbers to be larger than that - so think twice before accusing the millionaires in America are not paying taxes.

2. Millionaires Only Receive Inheritance
According to the book of Thomas J. Stanley, The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy, only 20% of millionaires are receiving their inheritance of wealth. The other 80% are those who earn their money with their own business. Many millionaires simply worked, saved and lived within their means to generate their wealth. Ordinary people going to work every day. Most millionaires did not get their riches overnight when a rich relative died - they worked for money.

3. Millionaires Feel Rich
From the outside looking in, you would think that millionaires feel rich and secure, but the reality is not like that. Most millionaires worry about retirement, college fund their children and mortgage like most of us. Their greatest concern is to be one of those people who recently acquired their wealth.

4. Millionaires Get Job with High Salary
It is not wrong to be able to work, but half of all millionaires are self-employed or own businesses. It helps to have a college degree, because about 80% are college graduates, though only 18% have a master's degree. If most of them are self-employed, and who is paying them?

5. All Millionaires Drive Luxury Car
Think about a rich man in a fancy German car out of your head when you hear about a millionaire: they actually drive a Ford, the carmaker topping the millionaire preferred about 9.4%. Cadillac is in the second position in the list of millionaires' favorite car, and Lincolns third according to OnMoneyMaking.com.

Car payments are an investment with little return, which is why someone who grew rich avoiding high-priced vehicles with more economical considerations.

6. Millionaires Hang Around the Golf Course All Day
Those millionaires are all retired, with nothing else to do besides hang out on the golf course, right? Wrong: only 20% of millionaires are retired and 80% will still working fully. It's not as glamorous or fun, but millionaires go to work like you do, It's about how their money in the bank.

7. Millionaires Are Elitists
We have already established that most millionaires earned their money and not inherited, still works, driving a Ford and not worry about the cost of their children's college. It sounds very similar to most Americans, right? Millionaires come in all shapes and sizes - some may be elitists, but most of those who succeed are those who know how to manage their money.

Maybe you see a pattern here: Today's millionaires are people who live within its means, spending their money wisely, and focus on financial independence first. It is a habit for life discipline that we can all adopt to begin growing wealth. If these facts prove anything, it is because every one of us can strive to become a millionaire - you can start by driving your old car with pride. - 7 Myth And Fact About American Millionaires

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