Sunday, December 22, 2013

Is It True That Counting Sheeps Can Induce Sleep ?

Is It True That Counting Sheeps Can Induce Sleep ?

When the eye does not want to shut, a lot of people who choose to "counting sheep" that sleepiness comes quickly. It is expected that monotonous activity that will help us to sleep. But is this an effective way cause sleepiness?

Scientists from the University of Oxford to do research on the subject. In their research involving people who suffer from insomnia and split them up into several groups. Then the researchers monitor the speed of onset of sleepiness in participants who are already divided into several techniques induce sleep.

Apparently when the study participants were instructed to count sheep or not given any orders, they even longer to get sleepy. Conversely, when they were asked to imagine something calming, like a beach, they actually fell asleep 20 minutes faster.
The researchers suspect counting sheep might actually extremely boring, while imagining a calm atmosphere makes the body more relaxed so much fast asleep.

In another study, the experts compared the ones that are easy to sleep with insomnia group. The result was no significant difference. People who insomnia usually imagine or think of something unpleasant, making anxious, noisy environments, or activities that they have done during the day.

That's why the researchers conclude, if you want fast asleep, do not count sheeps. But imagine a quiet atmosphere and give rise to a sense of comfort. Eyes will also be easily closed. - Is It True That Counting Sheeps Can Induce Sleep ?

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