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9 Most Bizarre And Ferocious River Fish

9 Most Bizarre And Ferocious River Fish

There are many unique , mysterious, and undiscovered animals, since there are many places that have not been touched by humans. In this post, I would invite the reader to know the strange creatures of the river. Like the ocean, the river is also home to thousands of species of freshwater animals. Not only fish, in the river was found to form various types of creatures which quite strange and we have never seen before.

1. Goliath Tigerfish
Hearing the name alone, we already know if this creature is not being carelessly. With up to 1.5 meters long and sharp teeth, of course plenty of people who are afraid to look of the spooky fish. Goliath Tigerfish is the largest variant in the tigerfish family , and it is a great predator. This fish is known for its strength and speed.

2. Vampire Piranha
Vampire Piranha is a close relative of the famous piranha fish of the Amazon river. This fish is called a piranha because vampire fangs that can reach 6 inches. Piranha fish which is rarely known to live in the Orinoco River, Venezuela.

3. African Lungfish
This river is quite strange creature in my opinion. For people who have never seen it, would have thought this creature as a monster because of the creepy. However, despite the terrible shape, these animals are completely harmless. This fish adapt to its environment which less oxygen, so that makes this fish rarely seen by humans.

4. Mekong Giant Catfish
Surely most readers already know this one fish. Fish which almost similar to the whale shark is the largest freshwater fish ever found and originated in China. Its size alone is closer to whales than freshwater fish in general.

5. Bagarius yarelli
Known also as the "Yeti of the river" or meat-eating catfish, these fish have sharp teeth with up to 1 inch long. In fact, this fish habitat in several countries in Asia is said to like to eat human flesh, though still a rumor.

6. Alligator Gar
This fish looks like a mix between an alligator with fish. Animals that live in North America is rarely hunt prey, but wait for prey that passes in front of its mouth, then it pounced with remarkable speed.

7. Pirarucu
A glimpse Pirarucu looks like very similar to the famous Arowana fish in Indonesia, this fish also has similarities with arowana fish, they both like to jump into the air to hunt and take the air. The fish is actually not harmful, but if it feels threatened, it will use its head for a self defense weapon.

8. Chinese Paddle Fish
Fish originating from China is indeed unique. Many people who say if the fish comes from China this is a fish with the face of the worst in the world. Although earned the nickname as the King of the Yangtze River, but the fish is thought to have become extinct.

9. Catfish Piraiba
This fish that can reach 3 feet in length with a weight of 272 kg was made ​​fear most fisherman. This fish is known for its strength, even the fish is said to be able to make a man drown because of its strength. Many rumors if the cause of the fishermen were missing while fishing in the river is being dragged by the fish into the river to drown.

Well, it turns out the river was not inferior to the sea, many unique creatures living here. Although their physical shape is unique and strange, but it can not be denied if the earth still holds a lot of potential that has not been discovered by human. - 9 Most Bizarre And Ferocious River Fish

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

Do you thinking about a terrible disaster? It looks like you have to know something about the Gulag prison which was one of the worst prisons of Soviet regime. Complex of buildings can be found even today in Taga forest, Siberia.
This place is known as big death factory, which operated during the Stalin regime. Estimates of the number of people who died in prison are more than 40 millions, nearly seven times the number of deaths caused by the disaster in which about 6 millions people allegedly died

Most of the prisoners were those who opposed Stalin or their politics are mistakenly considered as opponents of the Stalin regime. Gulag prison closed in 1953, shortly after Stalin's death. - The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

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Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

Be careful using commercial hair care products. Although many promising to give beauty to your hair, however, risky commercial hair care products contain a variety of chemicals that are harmful to health.

The frequency of your hair growth depends on various factors, including heredity and overall health. Although hair products make hair roots can not grow faster, but it can improve the texture and condition of your hair.

As well as to help protect it from damage and helps to grow longer and stronger. Some natural products for hair can be an alternative treatment at home:

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is often used in commercial conditioner products. However, you can also use it directly in the home. Coconut oil contains fatty acids with a molecular structure that is very small, which allows the process passes through the hair cuticle, the outer layer of each hair strand.

Coconut oil also coat the outside of the hair, minimizes the loss of moisture in the hair as styling tools and hair dryer. Coconut oil is also useful for moisturizing, reducing damage due to dry hair and prevent hair brittle. Massaging your scalp with coconut oil can help improve circulation around the follicles where hair growth. Not only that, coconut oil can also be a lubricant to moisturize your scalp. Natural anti-fungal properties also help to protect the health of the scalp and hair.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice can improve the health of your hair by removing residue from conditioners, hair sprays and styling creams. Commercial products often contain ingredients with a bit of acid to strip the hair and smooth the outer cuticle.

Lemon juice can be a natural hair care products and as a cheap alternative to commercial hair products. In addition to improving the condition of your hair, rinse the lemon juice can also be a natural smoothing treatment. Usefulness, so more fresh scalp and hair feels soft and light in the head.

Egg yolk
Many hair products contain various types of therapeutic proteins to help strengthen the hair shaft and protect it against damage. Procedures and chemical engineering rugged styling hair can stretch and damage the bonds of proteins, which cause hair loss and easily susceptible to damage.

Hair care products containing the protein can improve the texture of your hair. There are several commercial products that contain natural ingredients. However, natural sources of protein such as egg yolk proteins can be naturally healthy for your hair, that works without side effects. - 3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

"They Said I Could Become Anything" Meme Collection

Beef Jerky, LOL

So I Became a Cinnamon Bun

Dog Bread, Please Enjoy !

Hotspot Veteran

So I Became An Earthworm


 The Flagman

 So I Became A Loaf

So I Became Breakfast, Yes I'll Eat You !

What a Cute Bunny Cat , Aw

Bottlecap Grandpa

It's A Helihair !

So I Became A Flower

Let's Dunk His head

 A Doberdog


Knock Knock, Who's There ?

Close Enough :p

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