Tuesday, January 21, 2014

4 Most Hated Insects But Beneficial

4 Most Hated Insects But Beneficial

Some insects hated because it the disgusting and sometimes transmit germs that cause many deadly diseases. On the other hand, it turns its existence provide certain benefits to the global ecosystem.

1. Mosquito
In addition to transmitting malaria, mosquitoes also transmit several other deadly diseases such as hemorrhagic fever, elephantiasis, and others. Without germs are transmitted, the bite itself is very frustrating because it trigger itching and red spots. However, some species needs mosquitoes and larvae to be eaten. For example, frogs, bats, and even plants such as pitcher plants. Without mosquitoes, extinction or migration patterns of wildlife could be affected.

2. Maggot
In horror movies, the maggots are always portrayed as scary scavenger at once disgusting. Sometimes even exaggerated, they appear on the corpse is often identified as the doom of sinners. Whereas in science, maggots can be used to practice a treatment called maggot debridement therapy (MDT). Maggots are the larvae of flies or beetles were placed in a wound in a certain way so as not to spread, so they can prey on the bacteria causing the infection.

3. Flies
Where there is garbage and foul smell, that's where the flies will always appear. Slovenly impression is definitely attached to flying insects are difficult to be captured with the bare hands. Just like mosquitoes, flies are also needed by some species as a main meal. In addition, the fly eggs will hatch into maggots and help the decomposition of waste and organic materials that pollute the environment.

4. Cockroaches
The glossy surface of the body does not reduce the impression that one is a slob insects. When in fact the cockroaches have good hygiene practices, which is equivalent to the cat, which is frequently licking his own body to keep it hygienic. In addition, studies have shown the cockroach brain contains antibacterial compounds that could eradicate germs. - 4 Most Hated Insects But Beneficial

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