Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 People With Most Weird Hobbies


5 People With Most Weird Hobbies

1. Play dead
Chuck Lamb, 47, who is often referred to as dead man may have the strangest hobbies. He also recorded all the death scenes in the form of photographs and video and published on his website since 2005. Because of this strange hobby, his website is visited by 32 million people and attract the attention of the TV media to invite him.

2. Coming through in live broadcast
Paul Yarrow of south London has an odd hobby: narcissistic in a live broadcast. So, if a TV crew came to the place and began preaching the latest news from the site, this guy has always been at the back of the host. Paul had appeared in several live television BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News at a different time and place.

3. Giving $ 10 to strangers
Reed Sandridge lost their jobs last year and has a new hobby since then. He gave money $ 10/day to someone who looked as if they could use it, different people every day. Not long after he was dismissed from his job, on the third anniversary of the death of his mother, he began to give and documenting the gift in a small black notebook and then tell about the people he meets. On day 94, he has given almost $ 1,000, handing out money in blizzards, rain time, on the sunniest days. Some people gave him money to be used to help others.

4. Collecting ecstasy pills
A Dutchman who has this dangerous hobby. He has 2,400 ecstasy pills with different colors and shapes. But in 2009, most of the collection was stolen . The collector did not want to mention his true identity for fear of being arrested on evidence collection object results.

5. Riding roller coasters
A 78-year-old grandfather Pittsburgh native has an unusual hobby for a man his age. The ride roller coasters grandfather 90 times each day and a total of 4000 times during his lifetime. Vic Kleman spent 5 hours riding the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood Park - West Mifflin. Vic Kleman confessed to have this hobby since 1959 and is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. - 5 People With Most Weird Hobbies

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