Friday, January 10, 2014

Paintings That Made From People

Paintings That Made From People

Inspired by the work of Stan Herd and the famous Nazca Lines in Peru, American artist Daniel Dancer creates unique paintings made ​​of latex paint and a lot of people.

 66 years old Daniel Dancer has spent the last ten years of his life traveling around the world and creating unique artworks, choreographed and photographed from the sky. After discovering the mysterious Nazca Lines, in South America, he wanted to create his own art, so he bought the paint, gathered 800 school children and make a giant salmon, in Oregon.

So far, Kansas-based artists have created hundreds of human paintings and has convinced thousands of people to participate in the Art of the Sky project. His artworks include a bald eagle made ​​with the help of 1,400 people and a portrait of Barack Obama.

To properly choreograph the participants in the Art of the Sky project, Daniel Dancer riding in hot air balloons or large cranes. When everyone in the place, he asked people to lay on hands and knees, so the largest number of affected color. The following are some of his work.

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