Friday, December 27, 2013

Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House.

Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House

The picture above is a draft of the future home. Vincent Callebaut, a Belgian architect, proposed a new breakthrough for the concept of a future dream home. The concept was named Leaf Lilies. This breakthrough conceived and designed by Vincent to face the problems of climate change and density. This concept is a prototype amphibious homes to support people's live, and each of the "leaves" can accommodate up to 50,000 people.
In the midst of this house, there is a lake that is useful for storing and purifying rainwater. This floating house does not need a road or path. This houseboat will drift to follow the movement of ocean currents.
This leaves design can load 3 marinas and 3 mountain town devoted as business and entertainment. This floating city is unique, because this city is a city of amphibians, half water and half the town land. The city gets the resources of sun, wind, and ocean currents, which will produce more energy than the energy consumed by the floating city. This city will be a zero emission or city can not issue a so-called exhaust gas, because all of the carbon and waste will be recycled.
The hope is that by 2100 there will be 250 million people who fled the weather changes, or so-called "climactic Refugee", because the sea water will destroy major cities like New York, Shanghai, and Bombai. Vincent believes, that this artificial concept is a long-term solution to deal with rising seas, and instead reinforce the shoreline, because the solution of this coastline is just a short term solution. The design of this floating city inspired by the leaves of Amazonia Victoria Regia. Just for the record, Amazonia Victoria Regia leaf is a plant that has leaves that are very dense bone. - Lily Leaf House Concept, The Future Dream House

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