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Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

Esref Armagan was born blind, from a poor family, but it did not stop him intention to become a successful artist, of course with a unique style of painting.

Esref Armagan is a mature young person, from childhood he had received no education from the school bench, but somehow he managed to teach himself how to read and paint. For the last thirty-five years he has developed a unique painting techniques and continues to perfect his craft.
The Turkish artist really need a very calm atmosphere when he paints, so he could really inspire these paintings. At first, he only uses one color every two or three days, so that the paint can be dried first before he started painting again, but he later discovered acrylic paint, which can dry out much more quickly and makes him able to paint directly on the canvas .

Believe it or not, his painting style is very unique in the world of art, and he completed his painting without any assistance. He has painted portraits of the president of his country and the Turkish high officials other. Esref Armagan works have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, and he was publicly known feature in the popular TV channels such as BBC and ZDF.

Yes, this is Bill Clinton
After seeing his work, few people believed that the painting all done by himself, or doubt whether he really was born blind. The scientists who examined the eccentric artist of Turkish origin has been confirmed that he was completely blind. - Masterpiece Paintings From Blind Man

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