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6 Most Poisonous Scorpion In The World

6 Most Poisonous Scorpion In The World

Be careful after the rain , the rain is not dangerous, but the animals that used to appear after the rain is very dangerous. It could even lead to death. one of them is the Scorpion, the following types are the most dangerous scorpion in the world.

1. Death stalker, Leiurus quinquestriatus
Type: Terrestrial, Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: Middle East and North Africa
Size: 10-13 cm
Temperament: Aggressive

Deathstalker is known as a species that has the most lethal venom toxins have a mix of various toxins powerful neurotoxin that can cause severe pain , then fever, followed by coma, convulsions, paralysis and death. Fortunately, for healthy adult humans, although painful, but it can not kill. Small children, the elderly and weak individuals (eg, a weak heart) are at high-risk groups would be death if stung by this scorpion.

2. Arabian Fat-tailed scorpion, Androctonus crassicauda
Type: Terrestrial dessert
Origin: Middle East and North Africa
Size: About 10 cm
Temperament: Not too aggressive

Fat-tailed scorpion or Androctonus is one of the most toxic scorpion species in the world. name "Androctonus" which means man-killer. Among all the species Androctonus perhaps the most danger is Arabian Fat-tailed. Poison of Deathstalker scorpion venom could rival. Toxins that this species have also consists of a neurotoxin. This species is responsible for the deaths of several people each year. While this is still a debate what is the most deadly scorpions, whether Arabian Deathstalker or Fat-tailed.

3. Yellow Fat-tailed scorpion, Androctonus australis
Type: Terrestrial
Origin: Middle East, North Africa, India
Size: More than 9 cm
Temperament: Sometimes aggressive, sometimes calm

In accordance with its type "Androctonus", yellow fat-tailed is a highly lethal type, although it is not as strong as poison or Arabian Deathstalker fat-tailed, fat-tailed yellow poison can kill a person within 2 hours, if not immediately given serum (not effect on healthy adults who). Getting the serum is also not easy, even in the U.S. alone in getting the serum is very difficult.

4. Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion, Parabuthus transvaalicus
Type: Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: Africa
Size: About 12 cm
Temperament: Aggressive enough

Do you know why this kind got the nickname Spitting Thicktail Black Scorpion? This is because they can shoot as well as cobra's . Toxins that they can be sprayed to within 1 meter, and when hit the eye can cause a sense of a very sore and temporary blindness, but it can be permanent blindness if not promptly cleaned , this ability which makes it considered as a species that is quite dangerous. However, it is not classified as a deadly poison. This poison is harmful to children and people who are allergic to it .

5. Striped bark scorpion, Centruroides vittatus
Type: Opportunistic Burrower
Origin: North America
Size: 5-7 cm
Temperament: Not aggressive

Like many other this, this is also easily found around its habitat. Because the habitat is close to the human kind (although not aggressive) often detrimental to humans. The sting is very painful. For some people pain may last for 15-20 minutes and often up to 2-3 days. This type is very rare to cause death, some reports suggest that this type was responsible for the deaths of some people, but it's all still being debated.

6. Asian Forest Scorpion, Heterometrus longimanus
Type: Terrestrial
Origin: Southern Asia
Size: 10-12 cm
Temperament: Extremely aggressive

This type is similar to scorpion emperor scorpion. But have different properties. Asian forest is a type of very aggressive and defensive enough so that when feel threatened often seen to be in a position ready attacking. In contrast to other types of scorpion above. When threatened, the Asian forest rarely uses its tail to sting. They are more often attacking by using a big claws to make us hurt. The poison is not lethal (said to be only as strong as wasp stings). - 6 Most Poisonous Scorpion In The World

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  1. Really, these are some most dangerous species of the scorpions. but why do you not show the intensity of the venom of these scorpions with proof? by the way thanks for the beautiful images.

  2. This review is very much useful but the antidote for the venom portrays by these scorpions are no specified


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