Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

Do you thinking about a terrible disaster? It looks like you have to know something about the Gulag prison which was one of the worst prisons of Soviet regime. Complex of buildings can be found even today in Taga forest, Siberia.
This place is known as big death factory, which operated during the Stalin regime. Estimates of the number of people who died in prison are more than 40 millions, nearly seven times the number of deaths caused by the disaster in which about 6 millions people allegedly died

Most of the prisoners were those who opposed Stalin or their politics are mistakenly considered as opponents of the Stalin regime. Gulag prison closed in 1953, shortly after Stalin's death. - The Gulag, Prison of Stalin's Regime Atrocities

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