Saturday, February 15, 2014

World's Most Shortest International Bridge

World's Most Shortest International Bridge

Two adjacent island turned out to be in two different areas. Large one located in the region of Canada while on small island located in the territory of the United States. Interestingly two different island country is connected by bridges along 10 meters. This is the smallest or shortest international bridge in the world.

'Couple' island located near Rockport called Zavikon. Two of the island including a collection of 'thousand islands' that are in the Saint Lawrence River in Alexandria Bay, the US-Canadian border.
Approval of these boundaries have been agreed between the two countries-the U.S. and Canada-since 1793. However, both countries decided not to split the two islands on the border. Approximately two thirds of the island is located in the territory of Canada, one third of its being in America. U.S. and Canada, they are considered equivalent position in terms of ownership of the island.

But the tour guide is a 'gain' because of the presence of two islands in terms of tourism has become a very unique and attractive 'for sale'. The tour guide wanted the smallest international bridge in the world known to the public.

Large island that is claimed as the territory of Canada built the house, while a small island which is part of the United States, serves as the backyard. - World's Most Shortest International Bridge

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