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3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

Be careful using commercial hair care products. Although many promising to give beauty to your hair, however, risky commercial hair care products contain a variety of chemicals that are harmful to health.

The frequency of your hair growth depends on various factors, including heredity and overall health. Although hair products make hair roots can not grow faster, but it can improve the texture and condition of your hair.

As well as to help protect it from damage and helps to grow longer and stronger. Some natural products for hair can be an alternative treatment at home:

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is often used in commercial conditioner products. However, you can also use it directly in the home. Coconut oil contains fatty acids with a molecular structure that is very small, which allows the process passes through the hair cuticle, the outer layer of each hair strand.

Coconut oil also coat the outside of the hair, minimizes the loss of moisture in the hair as styling tools and hair dryer. Coconut oil is also useful for moisturizing, reducing damage due to dry hair and prevent hair brittle. Massaging your scalp with coconut oil can help improve circulation around the follicles where hair growth. Not only that, coconut oil can also be a lubricant to moisturize your scalp. Natural anti-fungal properties also help to protect the health of the scalp and hair.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice can improve the health of your hair by removing residue from conditioners, hair sprays and styling creams. Commercial products often contain ingredients with a bit of acid to strip the hair and smooth the outer cuticle.

Lemon juice can be a natural hair care products and as a cheap alternative to commercial hair products. In addition to improving the condition of your hair, rinse the lemon juice can also be a natural smoothing treatment. Usefulness, so more fresh scalp and hair feels soft and light in the head.

Egg yolk
Many hair products contain various types of therapeutic proteins to help strengthen the hair shaft and protect it against damage. Procedures and chemical engineering rugged styling hair can stretch and damage the bonds of proteins, which cause hair loss and easily susceptible to damage.

Hair care products containing the protein can improve the texture of your hair. There are several commercial products that contain natural ingredients. However, natural sources of protein such as egg yolk proteins can be naturally healthy for your hair, that works without side effects. - 3 Best Natural Materials For Healthy Hair

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