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Strong Handshake, An Indication Of A Person Will Live Long Life

Strong Handshake, An Indication Of A Person Will Live Long Life

London, Shaking hands when ordinary people do stay in touch, meet colleagues or completed the interview. It turned out handshake can also be a clue someone will live long or not.

Scientists from University College London, said that while the strength of a handshake could be a clue as to how long a person will live or age.
University College London

Researchers matching parental balance, grip strength and ability to get up from a chair on the risk of premature death. Someone who can do well, might live longer. The results of this study are reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). These studies combined with more than 30 previous studies involving tens of thousands of people who look at a person's physical ability and death. Most of the participants involved more than 60 years old, but still living at home.

The researchers found that the mortality rate during the study period by about 67 percent higher in people who have the weakest grip strength. A similar pattern is also found in other acts, the slowest person walking 3 times more likely to die faster and slower rise from a chair being twice as likely to die sooner. Despite the weaknesses that come can be caused by disease or health factors decreased, but the strength of the handshake can show significant differences even in some people who are under 60 years old and have little or no health problems.

"One of the last part of the research carried out at the hospital found no difference in terms of grip strength, even it is related to the duration of that person stay in the hospital. These findings are important enough," said Professor Avan Aihie Sayer, a geriatrician from Southampton University, as quoted by BBC News.
Professor Avan Aihie Sayer
Professor Sayer suggests it takes some study to identify significant differences in the strength of shaking hands for the young man. Because this could be a clue about health problems in the future. - Strong Handshake, An Indication Of A Person Will Live Long Life

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