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Ways to Overcome Men's Premature Baldness


Ways to Overcome Men's Premature Baldness

Baldness to men occurs not only when they have been aged. Baldness can also occur when the men were aged 20 years to 30 years. There are many factors that lead to premature baldness in young men. In addition to health factors and heredity, lifestyle can also be a trigger for the man to lose his hair even though they are still young.

According to the study, using the cap that is too long and that is too tight when the hot and humid climates can cause reduced natural oils on the hair that causes hair loss. Pollution as well as many instant lifestyle offered by modern times it triggers hair loss in men resulting in baldness. To overcome premature baldness, men should be advised to take precautions as soon as possible, especially through improvement of their lifestyle by means of :

1. Always have breakfast every morning
Why breakfast? breakfast helps the hair to get the protein it needs. Hair has keratin substances that require a lot of protein. If the protein is reduced then the hair will stop growing because of loss of power. Therefore, breakfast is highly recommended, especially if coupled with a protein that the body needs food such as fish, eggs, and meat.

2. Consume more nuts
Nuts are believed to contain much iron is needed by the hair. Hair contains ferritin could go down if the iron is reduced. In addition to nuts, iron is much contained in red meat, dark green vegetables, and dried fruits so that the young men is recommended to consume the nutritious meal.

3. Quit smoking
Smoking is a bad habit that is much enjoyed by most men. Though smoking is the main cause of hair loss. Smoking can damage the blood vessels that supply blood to the hair stops.

4. Do not get stressed
Stress can also affect fertility levels in men. When men are stressed, the body can produce hormone testosterone and dihidrotestoteron that more and more. This hormone that triggers hair loss and baldness in men.

5. Do not get too hard to comb
your hair
If you comb too hard it will be damaged scalp and hair pulled out from the roots. Therefore, you are required to keep the scalp gently when shampooing or afterwards.

6. Do not paint the hair
Hair dye contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and chronic dermatitis. Paint can also cause hair follicles on the scalp and hair becomes damaged. - Ways to Overcome Men's Premature Baldness
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