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Top 9 Rare Rainbow Types In The World


The Most Rare Rainbow Types In The World

Rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon in the form of multicolored light parallel to each other in the sky or other medium. In the sky, a rainbow appears as an arc light at the end leads to the horizon at the time of light rain. Rainbow can also be seen around a raging waterfall.

1. Classic Rainbows

Nature consists of six rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The intensity of each color depending on atmospheric conditions and the time.
2. Circular Rainbows

The rainbow really looks like a perfect circular arc (with a radius of exactly 42 degrees, according to Descartes).

3. Secondary Rainbows

Primary rainbow, is often accompanied by secondary rainbows that are usually thinner and fainter than the primary rainbow. Secondary rainbow is famous for its particular characteristics, the spectrum displayed in reverse order of a primary rainbow.

4. Red Rainbows

Red Rainbows usually seen at dawn or dusk when the thickness of the earth's atmosphere filters blue, looks more like a trickle of red or orange light reflects and refracts the water. The result is a rainbow at the end of the red spectrum.

5. Sundogs
The most commonly seen low in the sky on a sunny winter day, sundogs occur when sunlight shines through ice crystals high in the atmosphere. Sundogs are red on the inside and purple on the outside with the rest of them crowded spectrum. The thicker the concentration of ice crystals in the air, the thicker the structure.

6. Fogbows

Fogbows much rarer than ordinary rainbow, because certain parameters that must be adjusted to create them. For example, the light source should be behind the observer and grounded. Also, the fog behind the observer must be very thin so that sunlight can shine through the thick fog in front.

7. Waterfall Rainbows
Waterfall mist mixed with a constant flow of air into the atmosphere continuously, regardless of the weather. This makes a photograph a waterfall which is very good for rainbow.

8. Fire Rainbows
This rainbow is not made ​​of fire, the name for this beautiful optical effect is "circumhorizontal arc". This phenomenon can only be seen under certain specific conditions: the cirrus clouds, which act like prisms to be at least at an altitude of 20,000 feet and the sun should highlight when they are at an altitude of 58-68 degrees. Fire rainbows are never seen at the site of more than 55 degrees north or south.

9. Moonbows
Moonbows is a partner for the lunar rainbow. They are also much more difficult to see because of a passing rainstorm and, ideally, a bright full moon is not blocked by clouds. - Top 9 Rare Rainbow Types In The World

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