Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tree That Can Walk

Tree That Can Walk

It may sound strange, but this plant really able to walk. This plant comes from tropical forests of South Africa. This plant can grow up to 25 meters, has a rod with a length of 17 cm. The plant name is "Socratea exorrhiza", commonly dubbed "Walking Palm" or "Cashapona".
This plant have the roots are not like other plants. As we see in the picture, this plant as "standing" by using this root. Yes, this plant is standing by its roots, and even more surprising is this plant can switch positions.

At first, no one knows about the usefulness of the strange roots , but in 1961 a new fact about this plant is found. A tree was uprooted due to overwritten by other trees, but a few days later, new roots growing around the old roots.
Several weeks later, the plant is almost standing upright again with a new root earlier. Although it can move, but said the process takes a long time. It said the movement is only about 1 meter per year.

So if you maintain this plant on the front porch, then the plant is shifted to the side of your house. So, do not think it's an 'Ent'. - Tree That Can Walk

Walking Tree The Video


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