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8 Things That Can Make Your Memory Disrupted


8 Things That Can Make Your Memory Disrupted

Forgetfulness and difficulty remembering things? It could be, there is matter that makes your brain recording system disrupted. If you have a habit of forgetting, it should not be trivialized. Find out what causes you easily forget from these through eight following signs:

1. High blood sugar levels
Storage memory can be disrupted due to high blood sugar. Beware, this condition can interfere with the brain associated with memory. If you have a family history of diabetes, you should control your sugar intake. Also do regular blood sugar tests.

And, do not forget to maintain a healthy diet and stay active. Walking is one of the effective alternatives to prevent diabetes.

2. Lack of Rest
 Brain activity to rely on sleep to store new memories. In one study, respondents who sleep six hours a night for two weeks may not feel the lack of sleep. However, after substantial memory tests, their results are difficult given the short-term memory.

Sharpen your memory by making a priority of adequate rest. If you can not, try to do a short sleep for six minutes when the body feels tired. This method can improve the performance and memory trigger important processes in the brain.

3. Snore

Snoring not only interfere with sleep quality, but also can reduce the power of recall. When snoring, you will blocked airway, thereby cutting off oxygen a few seconds at a time and cause brain cells 'starve'.

According to research, men more often than women snore. And, the other risk factors, this habit may emerge as being overweight or over the age of 40 years.

Well, if you or your spouse have habitual snoring, you should consult a doctor. You may need to wear special devices to overcome snoring during sleep in order to smooth the flow of oxygen to the brain. That way, your memory will rise again.

4. Decreased metabolism
If this is the case, chances are you have a thyroid problem. Thyroid hormones control the body's metabolism. When production is too much or too little can disrupt brain cells, which can slow down the entry of information into the brain. Solution: You should see a doctor to solve this problem.

5. Age over 65 years
In this age, people will be more difficult to absorb vitamin B12 from food. Serious B12 deficiency can cause Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Therefore, when increasing age, do consult with your doctor to find out how to increase your intake of B12, for example, with supplements. In addition to the elderly, vegetarians are also often deficient in vitamin B12. \

6. Depressed
Patients with major depression also experience a disruption in brain cells. In fact, when depression takes place, there is the possibility of this condition can kill brain cells, causing memory 'degenerate'.

The solution, seek immediate treatment. Because, the more brain cells are 'lost', the memory will be increasingly difficult to increase.

7. Eating allergy medications or sleeping pills
Drugs to cope with problems such as insomnia, allergies, and impaired planning, it also can also cause impaired brain function. Thus, before taking this medication you should consult with your doctor so that your memory is not disrupted.

8. Too many drugs
If you eat five or more drugs, you at increased risk of memory disorders. Therefore, make sure your doctor knows all the medications you consume. If a pharmaceutical advertisement looks tempting, do not immediately tempted. Should minimize the consumption of free drug or drug consumption only in accordance with the prescription. - 8 Things That Can Make Your Memory Disrupted

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