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Ways to Fix Your Mood in 30 Minutes

 Ways to Fix Your Mood in 30 Minutes

For some people, the mood changed easily, whatever the trigger. If the change for the better, from negative to positive, then it does not matter. What if on the contrary, being good mood changed instantly and ruin your mood. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, say that you do not need to feel selfish when it is like to be happy yourself. Research shows that a person happier provide good benefits for themselves.

"A person who is happy is easier to get along, resented by many people, healthy, and productive," he said.

When you are trying to rebuild the mood for the better, it means you also help others more happy.

1. Pump energy by increasing the activity
Increase the level of activity can be done anytime. When receiving a call, for example, do not just sit still. Stand up or do small runs. If there are stairs, why should use the elevator? Take advantage of facilities that can help you pump more powerful energy. Or, walk 10 minutes on the sidelines of your work time.

2. Walking in the open air
A time to walk in the open air. Do not shut yourself in the room only. Research shows, outdoor natural light stimulates the brain which can enhance the mood.

3. Communicate
Perform communication with old friends, via electronic mail, or any facility that is convenient for you. Alternatively, connect with new friends. Build emotional bonds with other people to make a more positive mood. You're not just polish self hospitality , but also make other people more friendly to you. Establish communication with, you also strengthen your emotions and the warmth of friendship with others. This will make you feel happier.

4. Get rid of the annoying job
In the meantime, leave all schedules or tasks that will only worsen the mood. For example, issues surrounding the insurance you need to accomplish, buying a dizzying number you need, or to reschedule an appointment to meet someone for an unpleasant affair that does not really matter. Leave some unpleasant task will temporarily give you the pleasure that can improve your mood.

5. Doing different activities from than usual
Create a new atmosphere in the house. When bored with the routine, create new activities that rarely or never do. For example, if you usually work to clean up the kitchen is fully the responsibility of domestic workers, then take over temporarily. Just 10 minutes away, doing work that you rarely do.

6. Do good for others
When friends ask for your help in finding specific information, quickly grab this opportunity. Introduce him/her to your friends who can help him/her get that information. Doing something useful to make you more positive feeling.

7. Save someone's life
Not hard to be a hero. Donating blood is one of the ways. Your donation of blood can save someone else. Doing something worthwhile will make you feel precious.

8. Show that you are happy with a smile
A smile increases your mood. In addition, the face is decorated smile gives the impression that you are friendly and sociable.

9. Learn new things
Choose subjects that provoke your curiosity. Take advantage of 15 minutes just to find information on the internet and enjoy the time to read. Or go to the bookstore, buy a book that can satisfy your curiosity. Choose a topic you like and fun, not something you need or need to know. - Ways to Fix Your Mood in 30 Minutes

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