Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ways to Fix Lack of Sight If There's No Glasses

Ways to Fix Lack of Sight If There's No Glasses

The state of emergency vision glasses when there is no glasses can happen at the spur of moment that the glasses broke so can not be used, or when losing glasses or forgot to bring it, especially for people who are aged further. Meanwhile we all need to regain our sight. Whether it's for far vision or near vision.

For example, when we were in the store would like to see the price listed on goods that we will buy. Which small letters, we forgot to bring glasses. Age has been more than forty years, whereas if you do not wear reading glasses are not able to see small objects.

In this emergency, there is a way to solve it. That is by using the "Pinhole Effect". Principle is the pinhole effect on refractive eye abnormalities (abnormal decrease in eye sight that can be fixed with glasses), vision will get better when through a slit or a small hole.

At the time of an emergency, we can make tools made ​​out of a small cardboard, measuring 3 x 5 cm, then the thin cardboard or paper made ​​a hole, make a hole by using the tip of a pen. So we can peek through the cracks. Surely small letters will appear.
But there is an easier way, so we do not have to create a tool that must be created first. That is using our right hand. Objects we will see with the left hand hold. Then we use the right hand instead of the tools described above.
By making a small gap between the thumb and forefinger. Of the gap will be visible object more clear and legible. This applies to far or near vision. So even though we are in a state of emergency is not wearing glasses can still be helped in this way. - Ways to Fix Lack of Sight If There's No Glasses

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