Saturday, October 12, 2013

Doodling Can Explain What's On Your Mind

Doodling Can Explain What's On Your Mind

Graffiti hand on paper when you're daydreaming (doodling), or waiting for someone else to tell what you're feeling upset, delighted, or fear.

By Andrea McNichol, author of Handwriting Analysis: Putting it Work for You, "Doodling is like a brain DNA. Thing was not going to lie about yourself and what is being felt." The following are among the most common:

Picture heart is one of the most common image and what is desired by the person who drew this. "This person has definitely want romance," said McNichol.

If you draw an arrow, then you could say, you're feeling ambitious, McNichol said. You're thinking of something to be your primary goal.

Apparently, the image cube is a doodle drawing number one in the world. Image cube is most commonly found around the world. "Cube means you're considering all aspects of a case," said McNichol. If you draw a box, you just look at a situation from one side. Cube also represents a constructive sense.

If a child is scribbling names, The child was probably trying to make a signature. However, if there is someone over the age of 25 years was writing his/her name over and over again, he/she might have a problem with the ego. "It could mean the person is facing problems with his/her image," said McNichol. Chances are, these people are worried about themself, someone who was confused to find out who he/she was. If someone else wrote down the name over and over again, it could be that people are obsessed with the person he/she wrote.

People who are repeatedly drawing house could be looking for a strong emotional center. They are drawing device or home knacks, such as curtains, window sills, or the path leading to the house, telling that they're ready to start a new life. However, if someone is drawing a house without windows or doors, it means that he/she is in a situation that makes himself/herself feel trapped and there's no way out.

Line indistinct edges and scratches here and there without a clear form means that people who draw are being confused and disoriented. The same meaning applies to the geometry of the image that is patterned and in varied forms.

If there is a drawing of people without hands, it could indicate something that needs more attention, says McNichol. The person who drew effigy who do not have hands meant he was not able to find what he wants to do, as if effigy that do not have legs, meaning he/she was not able to go anywhere he/she wants. Note also the expression of the people in the picture. Whether it was crying, sad, or smiling? Obviously, it is also an emotional picture of the person making it. - Doodling Can Explain What's On Your Mind

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