Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Everyday Lives of Somali Pirates

The Everyday Lives of Somali Pirates

In our minds when we hear the word pirate might be imagined picture of the grim and creepy faces, just like the faces of tribal viking or pirate stories in the movies where we can meet some people who were blindfolded and bushy beard and so forth. But do you know how the appearance of Somali pirates in everyday life, which in recent years Somali Pirates became the scourge of world shipping in the world because of their actions?

It turns out one of the Somali pirates are very fond of animals (cat) and does not like animals that pirates generally love, like black crow.

As we all know due to act of the Somali pirates and the United States government often made ​​dizzy with Somali pirates often hijack and hostage big ships crossing the Indian Ocean east side. Even once a fully-laden supertankers they plow. Let's take a look at their daily lives and how sinister are they?

Their daily lives in the shack.
Conditions shack - Somali pirates home stay.
Looks from the outside shack Somali pirates lived.
Food of the pirates was just a plate of plain instant noodles.
Did you know that they also day-to-day farming?.
And do you know if it turns out they also do not be shy to do vegetable shopping at the market.
What do you think? not as you imagine isn't it? perhaps poverty and governance structure that is still in chaos that's where they act more condition to be a pirate.

Look at how when they act, a simple homemade weapons
Look at how they act when using traditional boats.
Even ship with deadweight amounting like this can they plow.

What do you think about Somali Pirates ? comment it below :)
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