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5 Most Unique Festivals and Events in Thailand

 5 Most Unique Festivals and Events in Thailand - Each country must have typical cultural diversities. Likewise with Thailand. This country has become a tourist attraction the world because it has typical and festivals held in each region. Even unique festivals and events are a tradition for the people who like to celebrate their festivities.
Here gather a variety of unique festivals and events in different regions of Thailand.

1. Festival in Bo Sang Umbrella and San Kamphaeng Handicraft
People in the village of Bo Sang and San Kamphaeng in Chiang Mai, known skilled in making beautiful crafts and unique. Celebrations organized as a celebration of traditional arts, such as painting and making paper umbrellas are painted in full color. The paper umbrella made ​​of mulberry silk which is known to have dazzling colors, with a unique floral motive. This festival is also known for its local beauty pageant girls Bo Sang village.
To promote the villagers expertise in creating beautiful crafts, Bo Sang Umbrella Fair & San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Festival is held on the third weekend each January, at the Craft Center Bo Sang, Chiang Mai. During the exhibition, many shops are decorated with Thai Lanna style, and change the Bo Sang into a picturesque village.

2. Flower Festival in Chiang Mai
The first weekend in February is a very special one in Chiang Mai. At this festival, all the beautiful flowers that are in Thailand, are blooms and filled the streets of the city with scattered perfume.
Northern Thailand famous for its variety of species of flowers. During the celebration of the Flower Festival, tourists have a chance to see the flower arrangements are made ​​by the locals. With more than 3,000 kinds of flowers, especially orchids famous being exhibited, and other species of the chrysanthemum flower. Now the village of Chiang May was often referred to as the "flower of the north" and is considered a paradise for flower enthusiasts.

3. Elephants Attraction in Surin
Introduced in 1960, this annual event is an internationally renowned event attracts tourists from all over the world. Surin is a big province on Mun River Basin in Northeast Thailand's Isan region. Although the exact history of the city itself is not so well known, but the people in this region are very appreciated for their skills catching and taming elephants.
Event held every November is enlivened by more than a hundred elephants who participated in a spectacular event. Activities in content with interesting programs, such as elephants playing football, a unique battle between elephants and humans, and a variety of other exciting attractions are set in a carnival atmosphere.

4. "Water War Tradition" Songkran Festival
Festival that was held on April 13 to 15 is known as Songkran, the festival that marks the beginning of their new year. The festival itself is famous among foreign tourists as a big water fight event that shook the Thai tourist path. Over the years, the tradition of Songkran shifted into major water wars, especially since April is the hottest month with temperatures in Thailand. Moment of celebration is also a time in the country's busiest, because packed with foreign tourists who enliven. Songkran tradition is believed to be the time for cleaning and renewal, as well as a symbol of washing sins in the previous year.

5. Vegetarian Festival in Phuket
October is the month when many Thais (especially ethnically Chinese) who follow a vegetarian diet for ten days. The original tradition requires them to refrain and abstain fun to eat meat, drink alcohol, engage in sexual behavior, fighting, and lying or killing. Phuket is a place where all the action happens, and if you think this is just going to be kind of a quiet church ritual and cool and calm, in fact, the festival procession is pretty awful. Visitors will be made was astonished with this unusual ritual procession.
At the festival, guests will witness the terrible events, (such as Debus Banten). Items particularly sharp object believed to belong to the gods, will stick and body piercing at the ritual participants. They believe that if every drop of blood ejected, is believed to cleanse the soul.

- Extra
Special festival for Monkeys

Lopburi, Thailand, where the famous apes can roam freely around the city. Locals believe that the monkeys bring good fortune, thus, it was held an annual party held in their honor. In the annual Monkey Buffet Festival, scary animals that were invited to the temple Pra Prang Sam Yod and provided with food ranging from fruits, biscuits to coke. - 5 Most Unique Festivals and Events in Thailand

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