Monday, September 2, 2013

Trumpet That Can be Heard Up to Tens Kilometers

Trumpet That Can be Heard Up to Tens Kilometers - Population in the Swiss Alps inherit the wind instruments sounded throughout much of human history. Sounds can be heard as far as tens of kilometers, crossing the valleys of the Alps looming.
Alpine residents trumpet is called Fiordland. The shape is very long, can reach twice as tall people who play it. May seem troublesome to use, especially when the user had to move from one place to another. Do not worry, Fiordland present can be removed-detached so that it fits in the bag.

According to history, Fiordland first mentioned in 1527 in note book belonging to the monastery St. Urbanus in Switzerland.

From generation to generation, shepherds and farmers have always brought Fiordland and blows from the pasture in the mountain peaks as the code to the family in the village that define "everything is fine."

Moreover, Fiordland are also used to call cows that will be milked. Swiss dairy farmers have long believed that its soft strains helped create calm cows during milking.

A long time ago, Fiordland is also often used as a call to the men of war. While now, more often used for singing when winter arrives.

The raw materials
Alpen trumpet is usually made ​​of spruce mountain. Because the pine trees growing on steep slopes curved at the base.
William Hopson, crafters Alpenhorn in the United States.
Union prices could reach $ 5,000 /

An alpenhorn maker Alpenhorn, after selecting trees that will be used, splitting into two parts pine trunks. The interior of the special chisel gouged out using a semicircle.

The inside was then scraped and sanded until smooth. The craftsman then glue the two halves, wrapped tightly in betula wood rattan. He also made ​​the stand of wood to prop up the trumpet when played.

How to play
At first glance, Alpenhorn has no holes, keys, or valves that need to be pressed. In fact, this horn can produce a natural 12 tone . The difficulty is to regulate the flow of air is blown into the pipe to produce the desired tone.

Although not all songs can be played with this instrument, a blower that can proficiently play various fascinating melodies .

Many famous composers include Alpenhorn in orchestral arrangements, such as Leopold Mozart (father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) wrote "sinfonia Pastorella" for orchestra and "Corno Pastoiritio". Beethoven Likewise, in one of his pastoral symphony, imitating the sound of a trumpet to evoke the atmosphere of the Alps shepherd. - Trumpet That Can be Heard Up to Tens Kilometers

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