Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Healthy Tips When Eating Fast Food

5 Healthy Tips When Eating Fast Food - Who would not be tempted by the delicious fried chicken, french fries, cheeseburger, beefburger or pizza? Fast food is tempting because of the look and aroma. But the food is just delicious on the tongue. When it entered the body, it will be a pile of toxins that are harmful to the body and cause obesity if consumed continuously.

This trick around the consumption of fast food so as not to be so bad, as quoted from the Health Me Up.

1. Eat sufficiently
Eat enough and ensure balanced nutrition in dietary intake. Means that do not just order two pieces of chicken, rice and soda. Or symmetric cheese burger with a pickle. Fast food restaurants typically also provide salad. Buy salad menu as well such as garden salad, fruit salad or coleslaw. For drinks, compared to soda, mineral water is much healthier.

2. Choose the healthier one
When ordering a salad, choose low-fat dressing and calories. Never more than a mayonnaise sauce vegetables served. For a burger, choose bread made from wheat flour because it is richer in fiber. If you want a pizza, ask for that have vegetable toppings . Although the enzymes of vegetables may have lost due to warming, at least you do not accumulate a calorie of animal protein that is higher.

3. Menus that are worth avoiding
Avoid menu labeled deep-fried, pan-fried, creamy or cream sauce because generally contain trans fats and saturated fats. Not to mention the high calories and salt. The menu is roast and vegetables are healthier, and select 'white' meats like chicken or fish. Instead of red meat.

4. Eating slowly
Eating slowly will help the brain to send signals to the body that you are full. This trick also makes you eat more relaxed, better digestion performance and make you more satisfied while enjoying the food. So although the 'fast food', you do not need to eat fast.

5. Serving notice
Fast food contains at least 100 of calories . If you want to stay healthy, always select menu with smaller portions. Be able to choose a package to the kids or ala carte message that frees you to choose the Favorites menu fit portion, without having to pay more for non-essential. Do not be tempted to drink larger sizes at lower prices. Eat according to your needs, do not overdo it.

Fast food should be consumed as a recreational course. Aka ​​only for occasional, once a month maximum. But if you have to eat it, choose a healthier way to eat. Do not add the 'load' on your body with fat, calories, sugar and excess salt. - 5 Healthy Tips When Eating Fast Food

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