Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stay Away From These Places So That Your Laptop Will Last Longer

Stay Away From These Places So That Your Laptop Will Last Longer - Want your laptop durable or long lasting? So stay away from the following 5 points :

1. Bed

Do not ever turn on the laptop while put on a bed. you bed can clog the ventilation holes on the bottom of the laptop and inhibit the entry of cool air temperatures which is useful for the laptop. If you want to turn on the laptop in bed using a laptop special pedestal, table, or at least, with a hardcover book to coat the bottom of your laptop. In essence, the laptop require a flat surface to keep the intake air temperature and stability in it.

2. Near animals

Storing the laptop near the animal is dangerous, especially let your pet sleep on it. The feathers that flew can fall in and clog the vent holes in the bottom of the laptop. As a result, the cooling system was disrupted and can cause overheating.

3. Floor

Anything as clean as your room, put the laptop directly on the floor is forbidden. You never know how many similar small particles of dust on the floor that can clog ventilation holes into the laptop. Place the laptop on a high from the floor surface, like a table or chair with mat or pad laptop cooling fan.

4. Wet places

Do not try to use the laptop while drinking, and especially not to put the drinks beside the laptops. Instead of water droplets, water vapor from the drink was enough to cause fatal damage and short circuit in your laptop.

5. Near ashtray

Avoid using a laptop while smoking. Cigarette smoke and ash can clog the fan in the laptop vents. Exhaled cigarette smoke toward laptop keyboard can cause turn to yellow. Put the ashtray on the side of the laptop is also dangerous, because of wind-borne ash can clog vents and make your laptop performance is lowered. - Stay Away From These Places So That Your Laptop Will Last Longer

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