Monday, September 23, 2013

9 Secrets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

9 Secrets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Why Saudi severely restrict Islamic movements arguably even get rid of it? There are some interesting facts about Saudi Arabia:

1. Saudi regime, as well as most other Arab countries, is a government that unites the right (haqq) and one (vanity). Saudi Haqq aspect can only be seen from the symbols that they wear; flags Arabia, claim an Islamic state and the implementation of Sharia. However, behind it is actually no different from Saudi also other secular countries.

2. Several years earlier, the Saudi took Britain to combat both the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the country. A member of the royal never reveal it. Now, it's no secret that the Saudis familiar with the U.S.. The U.S. has been used as a protective Arabia.

3. Saudi Permanent Committee (al-Lajnah ad-Da'imah) issued a fatwa: "Anyone who does not distinguish between Jews and Christians and other infidels to the Muslim nation but because of his nationality, and assume all the same ruler, then he is a kafir." Fatwa that actually makes a lot of people frowned, but effective in reducing the Saudi society. Because, the Saudi government itself just like it?

4. Saudi women can not be married to men who are not from Arabia. And a Saudi man should not marry outside Saudi unless it meets the requirements of the age. A made-up rules because Islam itself is not short-sighted as this.

5. Thousands of people were slaughtered in Muslim countries in the Arab region, but what is done by the government and the Saudi regime? Nothing. Saudi regime just told them the Sheikh to pray for Muslims, and the community are encouraged to raise funds that spread throughout the world, primarily for the construction of the mosque. So do not be surprised, if in a remote corner of your country, for example, there can be a large mosque with a magnificent inaugural post: "Contribution of the (royal) Saudi ..."

6. Saudi establish diplomatic and non-diplomatic with countries that obviously have massacred Muslims in amount outstanding lot. In this case having a harmonious relationship with the Saudis is India, Russia, Philippines, USA (of course!), China, and Israel.

7. America has military bases in Arabia, and the Saudi government prohibits people who wish evil for Americans in the mosques in the country.

8. Saudi regime and also helped set up the TV channels are a lot today. In addition to TV, they also help fund the international media.

9. Saudi royal family should not be insulted by anyone.
If anyone did, it will be subject to severe punishment, even death. But the Saudi government does not care about the actors who insults Allah and His religion. For example, a Saudi zindiq, Turki al-Hamd wrote a book called "al-Karadeeb" and included the phrase "So, Allah and Satan are two faces to the invention", is not subject to any penalty, and his book is full of stories disbelief circulate freely in the country. - 9 Secrets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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