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5 World's Longest Train Tracks

Train is one of the world's favorite means of transportation. This transit often offers views of the beautiful, something that is not necessarily afford served by other means of transportation. Speaking of trains, certainly also talk about the railroad. Here are the countries in the world that has the longest railway line:

1. United States - 226,427 Km in 2007
In the first place, the present United States in 2007 had 226,427 Km rail line. In the past, the train line in Uncle Sam's ever reached 408 833 Km. Generally, trains in the United States is used for transportation of goods. In this case, there are 650 freight train operator who in 2005 recorded 1.5 billion has been brought up-Mil Tons of stuff. As for serving the people who want to travel across the continent, is served by Amtrak, a national company for passenger trains. While the train in the city, is only available in a few dozen metropolitan areas. Even so, the line was not connected to each other so it can not be used to traverse the American continent.

2. Russia - 128,000 Km in 2006
Russia was second in 2006 which has 128 thousand Km railway lines. State railway Red Bear is managed by Russian Railways and is one of the pillars of the Russian economy. In 2007, the railway transport in Russia has 1.3 billion passengers and 1.3 billion tons of freight. In the same year, the Russian railway industry has 19,700 locomotives, 24,200 passenger trains and freight trains 526 900. In 2009, Russia had 86 thousand Km railway line for public transport. Of these, half can be traversed by electric trains and most of the rail traffic that 40 percent of them had double-track, or more.

3. China - 91,000 Km in 2010
Rail transportation is the most common means of transportation used to travel long distances in China and managed by Chinese Railway. The entire rail operation held by the Ministry of Railways, which is part of the People's Republic of China State Council. At the end of 2010, the total outreach railway line in the Bamboo Curtain country reached 91 thousand Km which makes it the third country's longest railway line in the world. In 2009, Chinese Railway freight freight train had 603 082, 49 355 train passengers, and 18,922 locomotives. With that number, there are 38 thousand daily trains in China with 3,500 passengers on board the train. In 2008, the Chinese State Council approved the 292 billion U.S. dollar investment for the railway until 2020. Targeted, in 2012 the state railway line is capable of reaching 110 thousand Km.

4. India - 64 215 km in 2011
The entire rail operations in India are handled by a state-owned organization, the Indian Railways. To the railroad tracks that have up to 64 215 Km's, Indian Railways manages the railway line in the world's fourth longest. Every year, Indian Railways serve 6 billion passengers and over 350 million tonnes of goods across 28 states and union territories regions. Indian Railways is also about providing limited service to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This number continues to increase every year. The train itself was introduced in India in 1853 and continues to grow as the Hindustan country achieved independence in 1947.

5. Canada - 57 216 km in 2007
Canada has developed a good railway system and large that is currently a major carrier transport. There are 2 main companies that have transcontinental freight transport system, namely the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railway. As for passenger service, provided by the federal crown corporation, Via Rail. Three cities in Canada have a commuter rail service, which is managed by the Montreal Agence métropolitaine de transport, which is managed by the Toronto GO Transit, and Vancouver is run by West Coast Express. With a path length reaches 57 216, Canada is the fifth country to have the longest railway in the world. The 129 km line capable of being used for electric trains. - 5 World's Longest Train Tracks

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