Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some of The Japanese People's Superstitions

Some of The Japanese People's Superstitions - In countries with highly sophisticated advanced technology such as Japan , apparently hereditary superstitious beliefs still apply such as:

1. Tabeta ato, Sugu yoko ni naruto, Ushi ni naru!
The meaning of the above sentence is: "If you lie down immediately after eating can be a cow!" is this a curse??

Currently, though modern times have, many Japanese parents who still commemorate their children with words as above. Clearly the reason why these words are used is unknown. But if analyzed, in contrast to ancient Japan today is all sophisticated, they used to have to work hard in order to live (especially after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima). That children are willing to help parents work in the fields, they always say "Tabeta ato, Sugu yoko ni naruto, Ushi ni naru!" (If you lie down immediately after eating can be a cow!)

Whereas in the present age why parents still convey this belief to their children is because they want to commemorate that:
"It's rude - bad attitude, if after eating directly lying"

2. Hinakazari wo hayakushimawanaito, Yome ni ikiokureru.
The meaning of the above sentence is: "If the doll ornaments` despicable `not immediately saved, going to be late marriage."

As we know, each dated 3 March Japan held a celebration of Hina Matsuri ``. The purpose of this celebration is as a thank you to the creator for giving daughter. Besides this goal is to ask the blessing ceremony for the health of their children were female.

If the views of the average age of marriage of the Japanese current that ranges over 30 years, they believe one reason is "wo Hinakazari hayakushimawanaito, ikiokureru Yome ni" (If decoration doll `despicable` not immediately saved, going late marriage)

3. Shitewa ikenai koto

Shitewa ikenai koto means something that should not be done. In Japanese belief, there are some things that a person should not be done because it contains a bad feeling, including:
- May not serve food with the number four (4) pieces.
Such means

Number four (4) in the Japanese language other than `read` Yon also read `Shi`. Shi `own` word means "death". Based on this, if we serve the cake with number four, then as we invite death. People who eat it will soon leave the mortal world. - Some of The Japanese People's Superstitions

What do you think about this superstitions ? comment below :)
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