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7 Signs of Eating Too Much Junk Food

7 Signs of Eating Too Much Junk Food - Flurry of activity we are working to make you cook yourself at home idle. Sometimes, we just can not resist the temptation to enjoy the delicious fries or a burger with melted cheese and mayonnaise. The aroma alone makes your mouth water dripping. So, enjoy the occasional junk food does not matter. The problem is if you make the "junk food" as food everyday.

According to Jim White, RD, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, VA, foods such as carbohydrates from starch, in the packaging cookies, potato chips, sugary soft drinks, as well as burgers and fries, not only adds a layer of fat in the body. These foods can also lead to physical disorders that make you feel uncomfortable. Eating too much junk food will result in at least the following side effects :

1. Wrinkles prematurely.
 Bad effects of junk food was not just the weight, but also on the face. Sugar, trans fats (which are usually used to extend the period of validity of some food packaging), and flour, can cause insulin jumped up and trigger inflammation. The chemical reaction that occurs when sugar molecules to attack protein or saturated fat accelerates the aging process, by turning off the antioxidants in the body. You also become susceptible to skin damage from sun exposure, and make facial wrinkles faster.

2. Constipation.

 Bread, rice, and other products are made ​​from starch, can cause constipation due to the low fiber content. In fact, fiber works to move everything through the body. If you are dehydrated, constipated condition will get worse. Consequently do not ask if you compensate these foods with drinks such as soda.

3. Heartburn.
 Consumption of too much junk food can trigger stomach acid disorders. Foods high in saturated fats take longer to digest. When the burger or fries that you enjoy fully digested overnight before the morning, excess stomach acid can be pushed up into the esophagus when it is time for the next meal. You too so feel nausea and heartburn.

4. Exacerbate symptoms of PMS.
 Food only do not cause symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. There are other sources that make it more severe. For example, sugar and starch, which causes insulin to rise and fall quickly. It affects chemicals in the brain, and can exacerbate mood swings you experience. As well as drinks. Coffee in the coffee shop with an added variety of sweeteners will provide the most severe effect when your hormones are turbulent due to the effects of the combination of sugar and caffeine.

5. Dizziness.
 You never have a headache after successive paced savory foods and fatty foods? The pain is triggered by tyramine, a chemical that is formed in the breakdown of certain proteins in food coloring and nitrate (as found in hot dogs and other processed meats). Experts say these ingredients increase blood flow to the brain, causing changes in blood vessels that cause pain. Therefore, you should more carefully observe your snacks. Stay away from foods that have unnatural colors.

6. Bad mood.
 Various studies show that people who eat lots of junk food tends to be depressed. At the very least, when you snacked on unhealthy foods, you will feel like shit. When you feel uncomfortable body, your mood may be distracted and go into chaos.

7. Flatulence.

 A variety of processed foods used in junk food containing high levels of sodium. Sodium itself is a major cause flatulence. This is because sodium regulate the amount of blood in the blood vessels, and water binding. High sodium intake will draw water from your cells, causing the body retain more fluids to compensate. Diet soda will make your condition worse, because the bubbles (containing air) and artificial sweeteners (which cause gas) are equally trigger flatulence. - 7 Signs of Eating Too Much Junk Food

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