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The Giza Pyramids of Egypt Were Not Built By The Slaves !

The Giza Pyramids of Egypt Were Not Built By The Slaves ! - Egyptian archaeologists discovered a new tomb belonging to the workers who built the great pyramids of Giza. The discovery of this tomb as well argue that history has been noted that the Giza pyramids were built by slaves.

Thousands of people who built this giant pyramid apparently ate meat regularly, worked on shifts and was given the honor to be buried in mud brick tombs in the giant pyramid of Giza.
Egypt workers
This indicates that the giant Giza pyramid builders workers not built by slaves as had been recorded in the history of the world. Pyramid tombs of the workers was first discovered in the area in 1990, by the chief Egyptian archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass. Of what is found there indicate that workers are wage workers and not slaves at all.

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Hawass said in a statement that the tombs were built beside the king's tomb (pyramid of Giza) is proof that the workers were honored on their merits. Hawass added that other evidence shows that they were not slaves were approximately 10,000 laborers working on the pyramids, were fed 21 cows and 23 sheep sent to them daily from farms in northern and southern Egypt.

Human skeletons
In addition, the workers are also working on shifts every 3 months. And those who died during the construction of the pyramids of Giza was given the honor to be buried in the tomb, located near the Giza pyramids. Uniquely, the location of the tomb was uncovered when a horse is tripped by a mud brick structure a distance of ten meters from the cemetery which is located on the south wall of the Pyramids of Giza. - The Giza Pyramids of Egypt Were Not Built By The Slaves !

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