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8 Reasons Why People Need a Massage

8 Reasons Why People Need a Massage - For most people, massage has become necessity when the body feels tired or sick. But there are reasons why people need a massage. So massage is not just a hobby or habit.

Get a massage right and done by people who really know how to massage will provide many benefits, especially for casual relaxation and stress relief.

Massage is done the traditional way, modern or a mixture of both, and some are developed for therapeutic massage.

there are a few things that make each person needs to be massaged, which is :

1. Massage can significantly affect the peripheral nervous system, increasing stimulation and conduction of nerve impulses, weakening and stop the pain by accelerating the process of regeneration (recovery) nerve injuries, and prevent vascular disorders in terms of communication and supply.

2. Massage affects the body's tissues to expand the capillaries and capillary reserve. This will increase blood flow to tissues and organs, improving the oxidation reduction process, facilitating the heart and contribute to the redistribution of blood in the body. As well as provide a slight increase in the number of platelets, leukocytes, erythrocytes and hemoglobin without disturbing the acid-base balance.

3. Accelerate the flow of lymph massage that improves tissue nutrition, reduce stasis in the joints and other organs and tissues.

4. Massage has a variety of physiological effects on the skin and its functions, such as cleaning the sweat ducts, sebaceous glands, increasing the secretion function, excretion and breathing skin. After a massage the skin will become more supple seta increase its influence on the temperature (decreased sensitivity to cold temperatures).

5. Massage can make the muscles become flexible, improve contractile function that accelerates the release of metabolites (products of metabolism). It depends on how strong and fast massage done.

6. Massage helps remove the fluid contained in the muscles and restore normal circumstances.

7. Massage helps improve circulation and lowers blood pressure. Because circulation is improved, then in turn the organs in the body will function and work better.

8. Massage can help overcome the superficial muscle pain and improve posture that is bad, it can work as a massage manipulates the muscles and joints.

A person does not need too much to get a massage. Therapeutic and relaxing effects of massage are obtained very good for the body, so everyone needs to get a good massage. - 8 Reasons Why People Need a Massage

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