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The Weird Syndrome of Japanese People

The Weird Syndrome of Japanese People - Hamamatsu, Science psychiatric syndrome known types or typical symptoms associated with culture, one of which can be found in Japan. At least, the Japanese has 4 odd behavior disorder that rarely occurs in individuals who come from other cultures.

Syndrome associated with a certain culture specific syndrome called "culture". Largely a mental and behavioral disorders, although there are also a form of physical illnesses such as Nakalanga syndrome in Uganda which causes the sufferer to vomit continuously.

Although still controversial because it has not been widely studied, culture-specific syndrome is recognized as a separate category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) which is compiled by the American Psychiatric Association. In it there is a unique syndrome of various cultures.

One of them is a unique syndrome of Japan which Taijin Kyofusho that more or less can be interpreted as a disorder (sho) fear (kyofu) on interpersonal relationships (taijin). In English, the syndrome is referred to as social anxiety disorder.

However, the symptoms that appear in Taijin Kyofusho very typical and not the same as social anxiety disorder in the west. Only symptoms experienced by people living with Japanese culture or some other culture in East Asia.

Quoted from Informahealthcare, fourth Taijin syndrome symptoms include Kyofusho are as follows.

1. Sekimen-kyofu, which is afraid of seeing a face faintly reddish (ereuthophobia).
2. Shubo-kyofu, the fear of disability (body dysmorphic disorder).
3. Jikoshisen-kyofu, that is afraid to look at the speaker.
4. Jikoshu-kyofu, which is afraid of his own body odor (osmophobia).

Dr. Katsuaki Suzuki of Hamamatsu University proved in a recent study, this syndrome is experienced by many people in Asia especially Japan. Some of them can not even be found in people living with western culture.

A study published in the Journal of Psychiatry revealed that Japanese people are more susceptible than Westerners to experience the syndrome because of the concept of shame. Japanese people generally do not just fear of feeling embarrassed but also did not want to embarrass the other person. - The Weird Syndrome of Japanese People

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