Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ustadz Rahmat S. Labib Said, "If Pancasila Legalize Wrongdoing of Miss World 2013, Do not Blame Muslims to Reject Pancasila!"

Urged to revoke the operating license for Miss World, Police Headquarters stated that Indonesia is not an Islamic country that have the authority to revoke permit implementation of Miss World 2013. "But our country is not based on Islamic law but Pancasila, even though their majority population is Muslim," said Chief of National Police Commissioner General Badruddin Baharkam Haiti, Friday (6/9) in the auditorium of the Security Maintenance Agency (Baharkam) Police Headquarters, Jakarta.

It was declared to the delegation of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia, reputable Muslim and the Islamic Research Institute of Research and as an audience requested that the National Police revoke permit implementation Worldwide beauty pageant queen Miss World 2013.

Badruddin continued, "our country is not based on Islamic law but Pancasila, even though their majority population is Muslim. There is in it is freedom of expression, freedom of speech, as long as we please not use violence, while not breaking the law, we must allow it. That's our consideration of course. "

Responding to the statement of the head of the Police Headquarters, Ustadz Rahmat S.Labib of DPP HTI stated: "If by reason of Pancasila, the state legalize wrongdoing and immorality as Miss World 2013 is, do not blame if Muslims reject Pancasila and considered it contrary to Muslim,"

Earlier, the delegation leader Mohammad Ismail Yusanto stated that there are two reasons why an operating license for Miss World 2013 should be canceled.

First, the Miss World 2013 pageant is the icon of a similar contest. Dimensions are not just cultural but also political legitimacy as a powerful tool for organizing the event exploitation of other women are more massive in Indonesia and in other Muslim countries.

"See the Miss World 2013 contest could is permitted held in Indonesia, in which country the world's largest Muslim population, to watch Miss World 2013 is permitted , moreover the others like," said Ismail predicts that arguments will arise when Miss World 2013 was held.

Ismail also said that this kind of contest is a fraud, because the main reason is the business of cosmetics and fashion. Brain (intelligence) and behavior (behavior) is only a mere sweetener, evidence such as brain and clever as anything else no matter how well behaved if not pretty, the contestant will not going to win.

"So in view of Islam's exploitation of women is a huge misguidance!" He said.

Ismail also confirmed the reason for the benefit of tourism is justification yet alone. According to him, Malaysia was not held the Miss world in the last year of foreign tourists who come to the country was 27 million people, while Indonesia below 9 million people get.

Because it is tourist measure that would make a trip it is an index that is competitive tour and toursim business climate, regulatory, infrastructure and human resources. "Well, based on the index, Indonesia's drop to 80th!"

So, said Ismail, how could this Miss World 2013 will increase those four factors. Instead of going to boost tourism, it would create controversy and tourists are reluctant to come.

Second, prevent the adverse effects of misguidance. "We came here because we read that the Police Headquarters as the parties who give the consent. Encouraged by spirit of amar makruf nahyi munkar , implored the National Police revoke permit, to avoid greater harm, "he explained.

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