Monday, September 9, 2013

Ways to Accelerate Your PC Performance

Many have complained about the laptop / computer is used is not as fast as when it was new when purchased. Like human computer can also sick. If it happens on your computer / laptop please refer to the Ways to Accelerate Your PC Performance.

1. Uninstall unused programs
Although not implemented, the program rarely or never used can influence the performance of the computer. Especially programs that save the setting in the registry. Why? because when every time the computer starts up, windows registry will be loaded in memory, so the larger the size, the memory used will be greater.

2. Check the programs that run automatically with Windows
This can be checked with a program like autoruns. Usually there are some programs that are always running that are not really important or less important.

3. Defragment the hard drive
This can be done through the Properties menu> System Tools> Disk Defragment. Which aim to reorganize the files according to priorities.

4. Turning off unused service
This requires a little knowledge of computers. Services is a program / ​​library is also being run (at load) every computer turned on. Can be seen through the Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services. If the computer was never used online (internet), there are several services that can be deactivated. For example, Windows Time and some other service (check descriptions). But it also needs to be careful, if wrong could cause some malfunctions for the windows.

5. Avoid the use of Skin windows
Sometimes the use of display / skin extra windows can affect performance significantly. Especially the use of additional software. I recommend that if you want a different look just use Windows Themes (windows default).

6. Turn off some of Windows Visual effects
In addition, some effects windows [xp] is not so important to turn off. Can be done via right-click on My Computer and select Properties. On the Advanced tab in the Performance section click the Settings button. Can be deactivated Visual effects that are not so important.

7. Limit the additional number of fonts
This affects all applications that use the font options such as Microsoft Office. With many additional fonts will affect the memory used and the loading will be noticeably slower.

8. Delete icon on the desktop that is not important
Often programs that are installed on the computer will make a new shortcut (icon) on the desktop. When we rarely use these icons, better delete it, can slightly reduce memory consumption.

9. Scan your computer from Viruses, Spyware, Trojans and etc
If the computer is infected with the virus, most of the performance will decrease, might even be a very slow computer. Therefore, it should always be maintained so that the computer is virus free. then if the computers are connected to the Internet, it should be about once a month on the computer of a spyware scan, mallware and etc. - Ways to Accelerate Your PC Performance

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