Saturday, August 17, 2013

Conserving Your Laptop Battery

The main complaint from the laptop users that the battery is improvident. Although many laptop products battery for providing high rate capability, but how effective the battery will last ?. Here's Easy Ways to Save Laptop Battery :

1. Clean Laptop Regularly
Many laptop users are lazy to clean their laptop. This often makes the laptop vents clogged by dust etc.. Blockage of the ventilation holes makes laptops heat up quickly and force the fan to work harder. Of course this makes your laptop battery quickly run out power to operate. To avoid this, make sure you're diligent in cleaning the laptop, especially in the area of ​​the vent holes.

2. Lower The Screen Brightness
Laptop screen brightness takes quite a lot of battery power. Lowering the laptop screen brightness level, although one or two could make your laptop battery last longer.

3. Avoid Using CD / DVD
CD / DVD-ROM eager for battery power. If it is not needed, you should not use the CD / DVD-ROM. Also make sure there is no CD / DVD that remains in the CD / DVD-ROM even if you do not use it.

4. Use Sleep Mode
The process ignites laptop battery takes quite a lot of power. To outsmart it, you can use the sleep mode when the laptop being shut. When the laptop is in sleep mode, the laptop battery using a very low energy. All files and programs that are open will be stored in temporary memory. When you turn it on again, the file and the program will be immediately ready for use. In addition to saving time, sleep mode can also save battery usage. But remember, the trick is only effective if you plan to use the laptop some time after the laptop is turned off. If you want to turn off the laptop for a long time, use the shutdown menu as usual.

5. Close Unnecessary Programs
We often open a lot of programs that we're not using it. In fact there may be too many processes that we do not need running in the background. Close the program and turn off unnecessary processes that can help reduce the use of laptop battery significantly.

6. Unplug the USB device
Make sure to unplug the USB device that is not needed. For example, when you copy files from flashdisk or an external hard drive, unplug the device immediately after copying files. Any USB devices require power and can make your laptop battery run out quickly.

7. Perform Power-Savings
Almost every operating system must be power-savings settings menu. Arrange each power-savings features mentioned and adjust to your needs. For example, when the display will be dimmed or turned off, when the hard drive will be turned off, etc.. Appropriate arrangements can be made ​​according to the needs of laptop batteries to be more durable and long lasting.

8. Turn off Wireless Card
Wireless card extremely draining power from your laptop battery, even when you're not connected to the Wi-Fi connection. If it is not currently required, make sure to turn off your laptop wireless card.

9. Defrag the hard drive
Fragmented files to make the hard drive work harder. Hard drive must find the fragmented files and put them together when accessed. As a result, the hard drive will require a larger battery power. To fix this, you can do defrag the hard drive when the laptop you're connected to the electrical power. Remember, do not defrag when the laptop is not connected to electricity. Defrag process requires considerable power and could make your laptop battery power runs out in no time.

10. Clean the battery
Dirty battery Often contacts for a variety of dust and dirt. This can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the battery. Clean the metal poles of the battery by using a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

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