Friday, August 9, 2013

Wrong Myths About Diet

Many people fail to lose weight or get the ideal body shape even though they already comply healthy dietary pattern. How can that be? According to research, many people who have been following the wrong diet information. Therefore, you need to know about diet myths that actually ruin your diet program.

These is it some of the wrong diet myths that you should know :

1. Low Fat = Low Calorie ?
Just because foods / beverages labeled as the label low-fat or fat free,  it does not mean also low in calories. Fat in low-fat foods are usually replaced with a calorie-containing nutrient such as protein, starch and sugar. Pay attention to the amount of calories in the food and regular exercise if you want to lose weight.

2. Eating in the late at night makes you fat
Eating in the late at night, especially top-heavy foods at 7 is not recommended. But not because it will further raise the body weight, but rather disrupt the digestive system. "Your weight will increase if energy intake is greater than energy use," said Sara Stanner, nutritionist and member of the British Nutrition Foundation, as reported by My Health News Dail.

3. Enery drink is healthier compared to soda drink
Energy drinks may contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. But still it has a high sugar content and calories. If you already on a healthy diet pattern, it is not necessary to consume energy drinks. The best drink after exercise to replace body fluid is water. Or if you really need a liquid electrolyte, consume pure green coconut water.

4. Breakfast in the number of Big portion helps to disable Your Appetite
Breakfast with lighter foods such as whole wheat bread, omelette or cereal even better. No matter how much is eaten at breakfast portion, the body will start to feel hungry during the day. As a result, we will continue to eat normal portions at lunch and leaving useless energy in the body to the dietary intake at breakfast in the early morning.

5. You can keep free Eat Anything if Keep exercising
Only because it was exercising on a treadmill for two hours, it does not mean you can freely devour whatever you want. Pay attention to your food intake. Do not overdo it, also do not lack. "Energy intake must match energy expenditure when you do not want to gain weight."

6. Do not Eat Red Meat when on a diet
In the correct amount of consumption, red meat such as beef or goat is actually a source of protein and iron are good. But there is that you should consider when taking them. Select the portion of meat such as sirloin or in the near rib thinly sliced​​ area , and get rid of the greases.

7. Fat body is made from the descendants and can not be changed
Human gene is inherited or body shape of their parents. But that does not mean if your father or mother is fat, then you can not change it to your desired body. Try to discipline when on a diet and regular exercise. If done regularly and continuously, you will get your ideal body.

8. White meat considered as low-fat food
Considered healthier eating chicken meat, but chicken would make more fat than red meat (beef or lamb). Sirloin steak has at least 5 grams of fat per 100 grams, while the chicken thighs can have up to 9 grams per 100 grams.

9. Eggs Increase the Cholesterol Risk
A study conducted by the University of Surrey, found that after the diet by eating two eggs a day for 12 weeks, there is no test subjects increased cholesterol levels. And besides low in calories (75 calories in a boiled egg), eggs also contain vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and other nutrients.

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