Thursday, August 15, 2013

Regaining Your Lovely Mood

1. Intent to Deny treating yourself
Eating at a fancy restaurant for example. Of course there is pleasure in it but it only lasted a few minutes after that the problem will come again added guilt, loss of control and even many other negative things.

2. Do Something Good For Others
Good deeds always feels good. This really did happen. Put a little pleasure to those around you and see the results.

3. Divert Attention
Do not sink in successive issues. Divert attention by doing other small but pleasant. For example: reading, watching movies, cooking, take a walk around the house. Regardless origin may have a positive                                                                                                                   impact and it does not cost.

4. Seek for Peace With Different Activities
Many can be done like cleaning the house, cleaning clothes, cleaning your own room, sorting clothes. Immediate feeling of seeing things sorted out in a flash to give a feeling of control and comfortable.

5. Tell to Yourself, "Well, at Least it is Better than .."
Remembering something fun can raise the spirit as exercising at least, play with young ones, participating social service and anything to be thankful for.

6. Exercising
Physical activity is a way of fixing a great mood. But be careful that you stay focused on the exercise you are doing, so that your mind does not drift to think that was the only problem.

7. Contact with Friends
Most people deal with on an individual basis but it's not recommended. It's better if you call close friends and have a little chat with them.

8. Because the morning is lovely
Sunny morning always brings a new passion for life. So immediately went to bed early at night so be ready for the next day morning. Indeed, when there is a problem, people had trouble sleeping. But now you know how to handle it.

9. Reminding Yourself with Identity of the Other
There was no one who could explain the identity of the person's personality. Each person must at least have more than one identity. When getting the disaster, there are still other people who think about you.

10. Return to nothing can posseses eternality Perspective
No lasting pleasure as well as pain and all the problems. So think such way.

11. Write
Rather than let the matter in the brain was turning better to write it down on paper and collecting possible solutions that could be done. This is very helpful.

12. Be grateful
This is the most important. Remember the memories of the past when you succeed at something. You've succeeded, thanks on your success once. Rest assured that you will be successful now resolve existing problems.

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