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Subconscious Mind Control Your Life

Subconscious Mind Control Your Life - We all know that humans have a mind with two kinds of mind namely the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind has the function of identifying the incoming information, to compare with the data that already exists in our memory, analyze incoming data and decides the new data will be stored, discarded or ignored while.

While the subconscious mind that capacity is far greater than the conscious mind has a much more complex functions. All the functions of our organs set up the way it works on the subconscious mind. Besides the values ​​we hold, the system of trust and confidence in everything is also stored there. Our long-term memory is also contained in the subconscious mind.

Subconscious that actually in control of your life, you are also suffering pain or habits, your current attitude , Don't you believe it?

Apparently from various studies that control 88 percent of your life is your Subconscious, the rest is your conscious mind, as well as your current ILL , you who created it without you even knowing it!! don't you believe it? well, please see the picture below.

To understand the above opinion you have to know in advance how the MIND, as I said above that 88 percent of the subconscious mind that you are forming your present! , Yes YOU are right now as a whole! , your attitude, your outlook on life as well as happiness, well YOUR HEALTH!! meaning that if you are currently sick .... it is the job of your subconscious, and vice versa if you are healthy this time always is also a result of your subconscious work!

Well I will explain a little about the work of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. . .
Previously I was a little repeat that your subconscious mind is as much as 88 percent and the rest is your conscious mind, so however strong your conscious mind will always be defeated by your subconscious mind! so we have to contiguous with our unconscious mind.

So how much very large the role in controlling the subconscious mind of your life, so too in the case of health, bad habits since childhood memory has shaped the disease you are suffering today. How can you eliminate it? The memory would have to be replaced with a new memory that can body organs ordered all your work as you want, push you to behave healthy.

Want a real example? Well, imagine suddenly in front of you right now, at a distance of approximately 3 meters, you see a glimpse snake-like shape. You sharpen the view for a better look and it turns out it's true ...... .... The cobra is apparently starving. Body of an adult thigh size moving slowly but surely. Its voice hissed chilling, its eyes are very ruthless and fangs sticking out its tongue along the panhandle is ready to pounce on anything that could make it satisfied . What would you do?

Well .... almost most of us will decide to run. Ooops sorry if you are a woman, you will cry first, right? Only after that run. Why? Because most of us never knew how to conquer the beast. Even if we knew it is better to run away and seek help rather than fight it, right?

What if you are from the childish period've been told that the cobra bring fortune. Your parents say that the house is occupied now is the result of selling cobra. Are you going to run away if you see a cobra in front of you? No it was not! You must be thinking "well this fortune, without need to be searched that cobra appearing in front of the eyes ".

What distinguishes the above situation? The difference is the program thought that comes into our minds. The program settles into the subconscious and is triggered off by a certain event. There are so many programs in our subconscious. Have you ever noticed programs like what goes into your minds every day?

Subconscious mind can not resist anything that you enter through your five senses. Even the things that you do not consciously notice will be recorded in the subconscious mind.

If you are currently experiencing anxiety, fear, worry, failure of life, sick, accident, and the other as the cause negativity in your thoughts and feelings, and it certainly affects your behavior, you can control and reprogram into positive energy to provide positive information in your subconscious mind. Just as in the example 'cobra' above.

Please try this stage of the process as below :

Sit comfortably and relax. Close your eyes. If you are a Muslim, I suggest rolling the holy verses of the Quran recitor which has a beautiful chant, which makes us relax when listening, a peaceful heart, and all of us regardless of thought (Al-Quran always be the best medicine for all the problems of life).

 Inhale long and deep
. Feel the fresh air entering the body through the nostrils. Slowly, you enter the Alpha brain wave state, go into your place of peace. Enjoy this situation a few minutes.

Recite the heart, an affirmation that you have made personally, as a positive image with the current time. Say, "or change the ideals of what you want right now."

Visualize the circumstances or objectives that you expect that in your mental screen. Imagine that it was really happening. Imagine that you have achieved your desired goal, this time you also have to seize it. Describe clearly, so you can actually see yourself in your mind.

As you imagine it, add MOOD or positive feelings that you have when that goal is achieved. Use your EMOTIONS to build feelings. Take a long, deep breath, enjoy the feeling of it, enjoy the picture of visualization and inner feelings that accompany the atmosphere.

After the count slowly out of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... with an inhale and exhale, for each count.

Open up your eyes. If the process that occurs less than 20 minutes, repeat the process as much as a few times, until it reaches approximately 20 minutes each process.

You should not be too quick to hope already there are signs of change, after you do the above process only a few times. Like the seeds that we plant, take time to germinate and grow into large trees and shade. Similarly, the seed we plant in our subconscious mind, and the process requires considerable time to grow into being a new reality, according to what we expect. Just do it with the sincere beliefs and expectations. We like planting trees may not grow in one night. - Subconscious Mind Control Your Life

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